From the front desk to Vice President Ali work in the boss’s mind Brewmaster network Hao Hongfeng so


if an employee’s thoughts are wrong, then the employee’s education is higher, and his ability is not strong enough to be a good employee. Because a person’s thinking will determine a person’s behavior, a person’s thinking will determine a person’s approach. Therefore, the most important thing is not to see the employees’ educational background, age, experience, height and looks, but to see whether the employee has a good idea.

, who has worked in Shanxi for more than 10 years, is a native of Hebei, Handan province. He calls himself Jin merchants. In 2009, when he moved to the electricity supplier to create brewmaster net, a media and peer tease said, coal bosses to liquor.

, the founder of brewmaster network in building "vertical + platform" cross business model, will he realize the dream of billions of sales,

as an employee, you used to quit, you enter a company of interest, you always think what time, what time to leave, as a green hand, you know what the boss is like you? Many times, if you want the boss to get your appreciation to the best boss thinking work……

well, what kind of thinking is good thinking? To see whether an employee is good or not, the most important thing is to see if he can stand in the firm’s point of view and from the boss’s point of view. If an employee is considerate of the enterprise and thinks of the boss, then even if the employee has only a junior high school diploma, he can become a good employee as well.

but Hao Hongfeng doesn’t think so. He said that the e-commerce company is not a Internet Co, but retail companies. "Should not be looking for people out of sh419, and should find out from WAL-MART people do electricity supplier."."

former Taiwan dry to billionaire Tong Wenhong, known as Ali " most inspirational " partner. In 2000, Tong Wenhong entered the Ali first positions the company front, after successively served as group executive, customer service, human resources management sector, the Ali group senior vice president and chief operating officer of rookie. Ali listed, Ma behind one of 9 billionaires female partners. Once again, persistence and effort are more important than anything else.

he seated us at the tea table and served us. A cup of tea, boiling water, and pour on to each person.

one must grow and succeed. Never mind that success in life lies in life, not in a moment. Why do some people work for a lifetime or work earners, and some people worked for several years when the boss?. In fact, the key to influencing a person’s ability to be a boss is not the degree of his education, nor the length of his work, but whether the employee has the boss’s thinking. An employee sees a month’s harvest, a manager sees a year’s harvest, and a boss sees life as a harvest.

at the beginning of September, brewmaster network announced the completion of the C round of financing, Beijing wal Yan capital management center and other institutions a total of 200 million yuan capital injection. This was followed by two rounds of financing last year

Hao Hongfeng’s office is not small, antique, all dark red wooden furniture, standing at the door can see the depths of leaning against the wall of a few, dedicated to a Buddha and a statue of Guan gong. Echoing it, the company’s main entrance was placed with a golden tripod, just like the tourist attraction, with water inside and a gold silver coin under the water. "The brewmaster declaration" hanging above the line reads: Jinding, striving for the first China, striving for the first in the world.

why many college students do not welcome the enterprise, the enterprise is not really not afraid of those people, but the enterprise into the enterprise, for the enterprise has not made any contribution, with enterprise boss interests, talk about the return of people. Although college students have read a lot of books, knowledge, culture, but this can not be sufficient to prove that college students are very capable, can create performance for the enterprise ah. Before the boss sees your grades, why do you give you that high salary?

especially in this impetuous society, everyone in the pursuit of quick return on their own, how many people still think of each other! If everyone emphasizes personal interests, while ignoring the team or the interests of the enterprise, so the enterprise can develop

actually, Hao Hongfeng has nothing to do with the famous coal business in Shanxi. But this bias is not without reason, a businessman who is not related to the Internet industry suddenly broke into the electricity supplier, inevitably appear unexpected.


how far a person can see determines how much you can accomplish. The more >

"it’s not like the office of the boss of the e-commerce company, is it? Actually, I’m doing a very traditional business."." Flat head, round face, like the New Year paintings Hanbell, brewmaster network founder Hao Hongfeng smile happy, simple and honest, and reveal a shrewd.

even, he believes that the electricity supplier’s winter is coming, first of all because investors understand the electricity supplier is wrong, and cast a group of people who do not work hard to do so, so the money in the wrong direction. "Cause such mistakes and sometimes the result is unbelievable, such as ten million ad, often sell only two million things, if you can do it, I just sat down on the side of the road, the money is good, I also said that a good. Contribute money and thankless, loss of money is inevitable." He said with a smile.

2012, the vertical e-commerce companies have been caught in the dilemma, sell only cotton socks off, the main product of the red maternal and infant children were acquired. And wine electricity supplier in which has been living pretty good, alcoholic electricity supplier is settled in third party platform mostly, currently available alcoholic electricity supplier website has more than 100, but more well-known wine electricity supplier is not a few. Brewmaster network, but also to buy wine and other customers and investors have been recognized.