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the Workplace Law in the traditional economic era is crumbling and reshaping.

financial market has stimulated many industries that were originally quiet, but they have already been burned

Huang Xiaowu returned home at 7 o’clock on Saturday morning. Because of a recent project proposal, she worked overtime with the 10 90 members of the content group until dawn. They were called the 4 takeaway: a barbecue, a crayfish, a cold buffet and a McDonald’s fast food, it through the long night.


this is also generally applicable to the Internet industry. In an industry where every company is afraid of being abandoned by the times, companies are always struggling with new businesses and new projects. At the start of the new project, a range of risks and uncertainties prompted companies to hire large numbers of new hires and interns. Especially, they can adapt to various changes early in the project — Internet critic keso says, the Internet industry, is a need to the next generation of learning industry.

financial industry and the Internet industry, the depth of integration between the two so that the Internet market has become more active. The deep integration of the financial industry and the Internet industry has been injected more capital factors, and capital as the most direct factor in driving an industry, naturally caused the industry to develop more rapidly. As a result, the Internet began to finance a thunderbolt as soon as the momentum into the people’s lives. For a time, financial management, all chips, P2P and other Internet banking began to turn up……

The Internet giant Many of the members of the

in the early stages of entrepreneurship, the new workplace and interns have been widely used – obviously, they are low cost, able to endure hardship, listen to command, cost-effective. But the difference is that in an entrepreneurial company with fewer people, they have the same opportunities as their regular employees and shoulder the same responsibilities. One or two years later, one can take charge as chief of. They are trusted and reused by management, and they have been hired with high salaries before they graduate.

1. "boss, are you crazy? How do you get me such a high salary?"

despots and the financial industry turns into the financial industry to make the Internet a time raging like a storm. Third party payments, P2P microfinance, all financing to raise, new electronic money and other Internet financial products have sprung up like mushrooms. The vast numbers of users in the enjoyment of Internet banking to bring them convenience, as in sharing the Internet banking investment bonus.

"the return of the great sage" announced the arrival of the era of film and television congregation

small yellow dirt | "microphone Mongolia" director

besides Huang Xiaowu, we also interviewed mewe casting director Gao Jiacheng, the 90 young people with the "1/3 finalists wonderful Congress" players in places; born 1995 security hacker Dan Haoqi, he led the CCTV 315 party information security aspects of the project; 22 revenue duty drops, drops into ninth employees Zhang Yimei: most of these stories were exciting, but this is not a workplace chicken soup, these young people will encounter their own ability boundary, also suffer setbacks.

, sh419 and other traditional Internet giant Tencent sounded the Internet Financial attack the traditional financial industry of the horn, them in depth integration of traditional financial industry at the same time, also began to carve up originally belonging to the traditional financial institutions market share. To balance treasure represented by the Internet financial financial products has resulted in "shrinking deposits"; Ali small loans, loans and other Internet treasure loan products resulting in a "loan shrink"; social products represented by BAT, the user guide caused by the traditional financial institutions "user shrink"……

film and television congregation raised concerns

but their story is a wonderful microcosm of workplace change in our time.

not long ago, in an interview with casually mentioned that his assistant, a monthly salary of 50 thousand. Instant triggered a number of media attention

catering, tourism, automobile, sports, beauty, home…… Fusion of traditional industries and the Internet continue to depth, Internet sharing and open to traditional industries and gradually eliminate the pain point defects, through the Internet people have the traditional industries cannot perceive the depth of experience, after the transformation of traditional industries also get enough users. The financial industry as the people’s life and all links are closely related to the industry "unwilling to remain out of the limelight with many traditional industries, early into the Internet industry.

The explosion of the

team are new, and for the first time working overtime all night, they even showed off "friends circle"". "Every day we lament that our company is like a cult, and everyone burns well." Huang Xiaowu says.

In addition, Ali

various enterprises involved, the Internet banking surging


Internet financial hot traditional financial institutions and some sit, they began to traditional business into internet terminal transfer, and through the traditional business of the Internet to enhance user retention. From the Internet into the financial industry is not the same as the traditional financial industry has a unique natural advantage, absolute trust risk control system, complete the more unique policy advantage, they can become user retention and new Internet financial companies "equal competition".

, this has greatly shortened the growth cycle of new people in the workplace. They exceeded their peers in a very short period of time, and went beyond the older generation to become a big job rookie hired by Internet Co. One of the most recent examples has been Huang Xiaowu, an assistant at $50 thousand a month.

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