Toubicongrong from Shanghai dragon 0 walk on the road


old station several core keyword ranking can also, but not the whole flow, the long tail word too little. The boss to the network business, in June this year, taking advantage of the new boss "earth Yunlong steel www.ddylsteel贵族宝贝". The new station for a total cost of 417 yuan, including domain name, virtual host. Website program: Metinfo, the free version of the website such as income, and then ask for money to buy a paid version, have certain conditions to support genuine, everybody is not easy, I wish the website development company Business Flourishes program is found! The analysis of competitors, at the time that the small volume, simple structure, good structure. But now that there are a lot of bad design, this is something.

Shanghai dragon Er, very strange to me, I never thought would enter this line. 2 and a half years ago into the steel structure company: the earth was Yunlong steel, want to be engaged in the design and installation of steel structure, but a strange combination of circumstances, company personnel changes, no special maintenance of website, I understand some computer technology, this "toubicongrong".

new on-line debugging spent a lot of time, especially the website, keywords layout, back and forth for a long time. It is the first time for myself to do ZhengZhan.

not understand Shanghai Longfeng, all started from the "0", only know how to update the content, not what the chain, the chain, the weight of love, Shanghai included, snapshots of concepts, just before the modeled everywhere for the material, the hard core keywords embedded into the finished hair. Go to work every morning to see Shanghai ranked keywords love, do not know how to improve the ranking, is fate.

so the company website "truth" in front of me one by one exposure:

The early

slowly learning, have made little progress. Read two books during the "Shanghai dragon Zan Hui, actual combat password: 60 days of site traffic increased 20 times", a book edited by the "riffraff Rui Shanghai Longfeng depth analysis: a comprehensive mining search engine optimization core secret", is my Shanghai dragon in the enlightenment teaching materials, two teachers express my thanks.

old domain name domain over 10 years of age, br:1, pr:3, Shanghai is currently more than 2000 included love. But it is Liferay foreign popular community edition do, although the function is very powerful, just do a enterprise stand, is overkill, the adjustment is very troublesome; the biggest trouble is that the deployment of the URL structure has a problem, URL long, URL Chinese is a pile of garbage; column planning rough. Keywords layout is not good; not do static treatment, of course his dynamic parameter is not much. What is more, the website administrator account password update account can make nothing of it, only with the password structure can not move. But to tell the truth, even if the administrator account and password, the program structure for me as a novice is too complex, fear of panic.