The webmaster exchange Links should pay attention to four points

A snapshot of a web site We all know that

exchange Links note two: website weight


high and low, also affect their own website, for example a weight is 7 sites and a weight is 3 of the website, so when the two are linked to each other, weight high website will take part of the weight distribution to the friends of the chain, so that can cause weight loss, so when our website weight is relatively high, to exchange Links, it is best to find some weight equivalent, such as 7 of the weight for a few weight of 5, 6 or, if you find the weights of 8, 9, 10 of that nature is the best, so the in front of them upside down to.

The weight of a web site

exchange Links almost every webmaster are done, so in the process of exchange is not very smooth for the link? I think a lot of people will be answered out so, some Adsense exchange Links is to update the snapshot, some of it is in order to improve website ranking and so on. So in exchange Links on should pay attention to what things, such as web site PR, website snapshot, weight, the other party is cheating, these are to look at, not because of momentary negligence to the site to bring harm.

users are disgusted with the influence of pop ads, users reflect not to say, and what is more the point about the play a few out, let the user more and more disgusted, and search engine released to pop over the website will give a certain punishment, I do not know what is specific. So, the exchange Links is best to look at each other’s website to have some computer harmful ads, such as viruses, Trojan horses, and these is as large as the harm is linked to the horse, remember that the search engine’s bottom line, because all the small owners are on the search engine to eat, to annoy him, injured himself site.

exchange Links note three: website advertising

exchange Links note that four other keywords:

exchange Links note: a snapshot site

update speed, the website for the search engine friendly, like a snapshot of the snapshot is definitely better than half a month to the station to the friendly, some old snapshot doesn’t mean that he is suspected of cheating, there may be some problems with this program for example, a program cannot be static, not good for the local search engine program and so on, these are related to the website snapshot. For friends of the chain first to look at the other side of the snapshot, because only the new snapshot, it may have included every day, only included every day, only prove that this site does not exist on the search engine cheating, he is quite hospitable. From a website snapshot, I can see a lot of things, of course, will be complemented by other factors more comprehensive understanding of you to exchange chain website. So, the website snapshot is the first to pay attention to the factors of exchange chain, slow site and few people are willing to change.