Three misunderstandings of the serious problem of Shanghai dragon er you know

Shanghai Longfeng lonely brother bold speculation, for the website of Shanghai dragon in the future may one day with the Internet users habits disappear, but never thought of Shanghai dragon will be used, as long as the ranking is, for example: B2C and B2B shopping site, enterprise site ranking ranking, keyword ranking service industry etc.. So we don’t complain, let us act together.

Shanghai Longfeng not immutable and frozen, love Shanghai algorithm moment in the update, the orthodox Shanghai dragon can not guarantee that you do not foul. Orthodox can only be said to be a middle ground, suitable for beginners to learn, so your website survival cycle was longer, but what is not too ideal ranking. Shanghai dragon and the social reality, there is relationship between the back door is always better than you have the ability to never mind climbing fast! So, communicate more exchanges.

According to the Shanghai

2. since it is doing in Shanghai dragon, will often communicate.

1. for most of the students did a couple of years in Shanghai Longfeng, but the most basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon is not very clear.

About three

recently love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, affecting the majority of cheating site included and ranking the low quality of the site, it is hurt a lot of people. This may be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er friends will have many negative emotions in the Shanghai dragon Er circle is always filled with depression". This is actually a lot of friends Er Shanghai Longfeng there was three mistakes here, Shanghai dragon brother lonely just want to talk about some personal opinion, if there are different views, and I welcome the exchange.

: now Shanghai Dragon

followed the common defects in ER


first love Webmaster Platform official pointed out that this update for the super chain: link, cross chain wheel (like the black chain, sprocket) and related links. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement appeared, it seems like a lot of Shanghai dragon Er feel, Shanghai dragon more and more difficult. I believe that many webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er have had to buy the link. The chain words, most people really no operation. Do not say black chain. To use the above techniques are Shanghai Longfeng senior Shanghai dragon Er, have no influence on the novice Shanghai dragon Er, because you have not reached that level. As for the Shanghai dragon is more and more difficult to do this, depending on the actual situation. Shanghai dragon more difficult, some things still to do, not

Shanghai Longfeng lonely brother suggested that all Shanghai dragon Er, whether you are a chain of the Commissioner, or pseudo original, or other Shanghai Longfeng process only a part of the work, try to learn the system under the Shanghai dragon, instead of being confined to their posts, mechanical work complex, Shanghai the dragon is a need strategy. Only stand high, can see far. Of course, this money may be able to participate in the training, if not allowed, Taobao can go to the top few dollars to buy a complete set of tutorials to learn.