The impact of social media on the Shanghai dragon SNS

in the new media era for Shanghai dragon can be said to be in rapid diffusion, and enterprises need to do is to keep up with the pace of change, the use of existing resources to carry out a new direction for the development of enterprises, enterprises to develop new strategic objectives. Diversified development has come, can not keep up the pace of Internet enterprise can only be abandoned.

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said social media surely everyone is familiar with micro-blog, micro-blog, Sina, WeChat, Tencent renren贵族宝贝 and so on some SNS caused a great disturbance on the internet. More people in the new era of science and technology from the computer terminal to the mobile phone terminal. While the ultimate holders of these mobile terminals is involved in the most extensive user groups in social networking on the internet.

Haikou Bei various interactive website, a place where they appear in the user needs to vote and so on behavior but also on the impact of relatively large Shanghai dragon. The search engine to the users experience as the goal, in order to create a better Internet environment has also made many efforts. Let the user to determine whether the site can refer to the place, whether there is value etc.. So we need to build here is a brand, a brand spread has become a symbol of the site.

careful webmaster can be found, developing more and more enterprises begin to focus on SNS. They set up their own official in these social platform publishing platform, regularly publish information, discussion, forwarding and so on behavior regular publishing activities caused by the user. This is a kind of communication way of new media, and the propagation speed to the unthinkable. So the enterprise can use these platforms to build their own official micro-blog, WeChat and so on.

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social media of Shanghai dragon can be said to have advantages and disadvantages, the more developed platform allows enterprises to spread in more places, which reached the Shanghai dragon effect. The disadvantage is that the influence of social media is too large, some news and Network Vocabulary prefer network, but not the famous enterprise information released is not spread.

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