The three year of the rabbit 2011 direction adjustment algorithm to predict the love of Shanghai

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, a website with hidden: "love Shanghai in search of the title of the fine-tuning, the high weight of the site added favicon.ico icon" this implies that all the 2011 love Shanghai more attention to user experience. What about the review of the station garbage article is how, it is with the theme of the site is completely irrelevant, most of the articles are collected in the pseudo original. Make some adjustments in the coming months will love Shanghai correlation and original content on the site of the algorithm are right down to these sites. The same is the content of the website title link is still the theme of the site and no contact, smart station group of operators of the thought is hidden to the user’s experience, although the search engine can not very well tell whether hidden text cheating, but this is not a permanent solution.

two, the website of the chain: the web site of the chain important sex self-evident, not only attract spider to the chain of our website and our website can give valuable vote to improve the weight of the website. However, the station group is not so, the meal in the opposite direction, outside the chain of stations are often some rubbish link. But it can have very good rankings this all in the optimization of the chain by strong. The main link stations waste has 2 sources: the first station of garbage links: there is no correlation between the links in the main forum. The station of spam links: the main links inserted in the garbage article, to attract spider crawling with each other, to achieve the transfer of weight. A lot of new friends kept links with mass software, think this website ranking to rise, but the chain that most are rubbish, can not say enough in stationmaster net text with a link to the weight high.

everyone happy new year, today is the beginning of nine, I believe that many of the Shanghai dragon Er have gradually started the website ranking optimization and to earn a pot of gold and the year of the rabbit. Then the author writes this article is based on the theme of stations to analyze the great in strength and impetus 2011 love Shanghai Shanghai dragon algorithm which have changed, let er know that some Shanghai dragon is misunderstanding 2011 ranking web site optimization, and thus less detours this step, the site’s ranking rose steadily. The biggest characteristic of both stations from the content to the chain, the chain is shown in "correlation" is not strong, or no. At the same time, the love of Shanghai is not good, so in a timely manner to adjust their algorithm. If the adjustment is likely to spread to many sites, but also take into account many factors. But I believe that in the near July, believe love will be action. So, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon algorithm will adjust the three direction? That let the author for you to answer

three, the words at text: we all know that the search engines love Shanghai Chinese boss is the most love website in the chain optimization, if your inner chain station do love Shanghai spider your site will be good to hear or see, have a good ranking. When it comes to optimizing the internal chain that look at the power stations, the same is not related to the article, in >

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