Using the idea of creating sprocket pages link to improve the key word ranking


note: when the other site contained in these words, the best way through the text link up, let the search engines don’t feel you too much to optimize.


: first determine the keyword


site in the optimization process, page link is very important, powerful pages link to improve keyword weight is very helpful. However, we usually do in the chain are made, there is no detailed plans to build facilities, powerful within the chain, is planning to.

third: determine the main keywords article link

based on the long tail keywords sorted out, began to prepare the article, the article must be around long tail keywords you to write, the best is original, if not original also false original, not copying others. Each of the long tail word to write an article, of course, this is not to say that you will be ready for all the time, but as you finish the long tail word written good.

fourth: start according to the plan published the follow-up of long tail keywords and articles, links to the main keywords in

second: according to the key words, write

select one or more of your site and content related keywords, and find out through word long tail keywords and long tail keywords related. Through the love Shanghai check out the tail index keyword search index, the search amount of long tail keywords finishing (20-30).

fifth: through the forum signature, or blog links to release some of the long tail word link, don’t link in the same article, choose keywords several high flow links, increase the content of exposure, to further improve the weight of words.

if your website support topic or you can build a special words better, of course not also never mind choose a few keywords high heat article began to publish, search engines. After the article included, included by the query case, put it as the main keywords determine a multiple search engines are also included in the article.

anyway, in fact.

for the sprocket I think we are not familiar with it, in the Shanghai dragon in the sprocket belongs to the black hat technique, many base station site is through the chain method to the weight of keywords to improve. But since this method can improve the weight of words, why can’t we convert it to the application of our approach to white hat optimization in? Below is how to improve keyword rankings with clever ideas to create a page link chain.

to determine the main post, daily published a long tail keywords finishing out of the article, and the article links to the main keywords of the article, at the same time, will also be published today the link to the article published yesterday, so that they form a chain wheel. As shown below: