The mirror philosophy Ten competitors rely on experience to optimize the site

2, see competitors website design

person, gains and losses. With competitors as a mirror, we can know that we do stand in the process the disadvantage and advantage. When we understand the competitors as a mirror, the competitor is a mirror, or a "mirror", "what the devil snake god" will show. The deficiencies of the site are usually expressed in contrast to the opponent and obviously, the beauty of the site will also because of their lack of precious. The following specific talk about how to put competitors as a mirror, this is my today to introduce the competition website optimization rely on ten experiences, I hope these ten experience to be able to help.

The weight of

to view the opponent’s all case, most believe that included number and the chain number you just check the opponent. Here I will separate the two talk, mainly in order to better fine talk about some of my thoughts. Check the opponent included first of course is to see how many included, but not only.

see a person in the end how strong, can do big things, not only depends on his ability and her helper, but also his enemy is strong. One reason this sentence tells us that the opponent is strong, we beat him, we’re stronger. But we must not forget that a strong opponent is not easy to be defeated, so our opponents in the competition and must try all means to overthrow him. In all the way, from the opponent will steal is a very good way. The same principle applies to our webmaster, rely on competitors, we can know many things, learn a lot of things, found a lot of things.

1, see competitors website meta label

3, see competitors included snapshot, ranking and

is a website to optimize, many times with the website plate design. A good website can help us to quickly achieve the purpose of optimization, check the opponent website, we must look at their web site is in line with the optimization design. Especially the home page, if the keywords weight put some sites in the upper left corner of the will of key words of a certain improvement, in addition, beautiful simplicity can be a good choice.

relative to meta is very high, so many people love the accumulation of words in the label, the Shanghai dragon Er is definitely not miss this label. One of the main three: title, keywords and description. For now, the description seems not so important, Keywords tag was also reduce a lot of weight, but the title tag is very important. When we study the competitor’s website must carefully study their title tags and Keywords tag, see if they succeed where, oneself is a lot worse. Learn a good label writing, improve the write meta label their own habits, to view the opponent as a label to improve their ability.