What factors affect the Taobao search ranking for a free flow to save your store

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pay the shop for the entire traffic flow is more than 60% or even more? Today we’ll talk about how to pay the proportion of traffic decline, how to get a free flow of

what is cheating? All acts to obtain benefits in order to deceive consumers, can be called cheating. Whether it is inconsistent, postage, stack keywords advertising goods, misplaced category, or malicious speculation, speculation sales credit, low prices to deceive users, are cheating. Taobao rules expressly prohibited many cheating, although the rules are not always perfect, it is not possible to enumerate all cases, but the anti cheat system Taobao will also identify cheating, while Taobao’s system is always in continuous improvement, the rules are constantly updated, once the system algorithm to identify cheating, for those who rely on these the method of cheating sellers, there will be.

is your release baby choose which category, this category is very important to select a category, if wrong, your baby sales high to high popularity, direct search products also to search you, so at the time of publication, the category must be in the correct category

is when you release a new baby in the background fill properties, this is to tell Taobao search, you this product is what you sell, such as dress, its style, dress collar type, brand, when buyers search, search engine to search to your baby oh. Figure

sort the main comprehensive ranking (i.e. before the default sort), sorted by popularity ranking, according to sales, the three is the 3 ranking the most concentrated flow in the current Taobao, is also the buyers when the baby by Taobao search keywords, more is to choose from the three ranking, flow diversion according to the credit ranking and sorted according to the price of less than. We start in the comprehensive ranking factors under the influence of the ranking, there are 4 main points: relevance, cheating, shelf time, DSR score.

buyers by entering the product key words, such as "chiffon dress" buyers search this product keywords, Taobao search will start the whole network search, is the first category, and then to find the baby in this attribute, attribute correctly under the category with all the chiffon, matching the baby titles with keywords Chiffon baby, the whole network retrieve the baby, start again according to other factors to comprehensive ranking, the ranking results finally, this is the search process, the core is the relationship between.

and divided into categories of correlation, correlation and correlation between the title key attributes.

1, the correlation between categories

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3, the correlation between