What the chain is the chain of value to users

a good effect of the chain is can bring a lot of traffic to your site. That is a high quality of the chain is the most fundamental performance can bring visitors, whether can let visitors feel the value of. The author will talk about this problem for what the chain is the value chain visitors really need.


3) the use of black chain;


1) to spend money to buy or sell can enhance the so-called high weight chain;

in the past we will effect the definition of the chain in order to attract the search engine spiders, as long as can be included in the search engine is good outside the chain, but now this one view needs to make a change. We need to add a high quality the chain can bring traffic conditions. In a related industry platform according to the needs of users post links, let visitors more clearly grasp and open yourself to open the link, the chain that users don’t produce the aversion to users is the value of the link, the chain can say is the real link with the highest quality user experience.

of each site optimization but some sites may be the only way which must be passed, in order to eager for the achievement began to mass outside the chain, started making a lot of garbage on the Internet, boring irrigation etc.. We regardless of the chain to be able to attract traffic, can be collected. Now we know exactly is that our chain is no longer the number of rankings can come in handy, love Shanghai algorithm constantly updated, in the recent love Shanghai webmaster community bulletin (as shown below) we can know the number of quality at the present stage of the chain in the chain.

: can bring the chain of

is slightly below the author overview of several illegal behavior:

2) using the software released a large number of links;



two: industry Links

from the above list of the chain we can see the love of Shanghai for a large number of links to the sale, the group chain, black chain, malicious link exchange behavior will be severely hit. We can see the love for Shanghai through the chain of combat manipulation is also more strict. In this system, we need to understand the chain of a high-quality natural you can offset the top posts left hundreds of low quality of the chain than in the forum.

exchange chain, the author found that many people are still keen on finding that some high weight high website included, this is actually a narrow point of view, I think.

The chain construction is traffic

algorithm is changing, as Shanghai dragon Er we also need to keep pace with the times, get smart to be punished. So how do we do outside the chain of quality

4) a large number of exchange links and related sites etc..

The most intuitive