The new website how to choose the long tail words and long tail Word Layout


I think: accurate, long tail keywords bring customer turnover is relatively high;

recommended index refers to the "love Shanghai index:

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what is the long tail keywords

I think: the long tail keywords is the target keywords subdivision, is usually composed of 2-3 words, and even some phrases;

rival search index, and less competition; can use the keywords webmaster tools mining function to see, the competition of medium keywords (general index below 200) were screened out or edited articles such as the title, to set the key words;

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Zhou Xusheng today to talk about the long tail keywords strategy of knowledge, I hope everyone can support; now there are many websites do a word, for example in the competition: Shanghai dragon consultant, Shanghai dragon blog and so on a series of words; but there is fierce competition of these words, we new sites and some small sites simply but they have some competition sites high weight of these, we should change the strategy to deal with the status quo; today the author Zhou Xusheng to introduce how to use the long tail keywords strategy to intercept the competitiveness is too strong a word;

how to do network marketing? [

We can see what keywords

I tell you Zhou Xusheng were below the long tail word mining method;


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] the long tail word category

is mainly divided into the following categories: search index, recommendation, drop-down menu keyword tools; these ways I use the map to show you again, good understanding of

how to excavate the long tail keywords?

features of long tail keywords

long tail word example: "network marketing"

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auxiliary tool for mining;





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long tail keywords category:

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I have himself made a graph, can go to the mining from several ways of my chart;