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is the construction site content hard and honest, the original article I also do regularly, but no obvious change in my ranking Xiaofeng lottery website, website weight etc.. Of course, I’m not saying that you really do website content construction, regardless of the construction of the chain, just focus on the content of the website construction, the promotion chain is the right to do.

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in original content Xiaofeng lottery site, the original article was written not long, have been collected. My original content is mainly made of long tail keyword insertion in the title of the lottery promotion, natural join link. In a period of observation found that the article was collected there are two: one is reproduced when the link is removed; two is reproduced with links to reprint, but the ranking is weight high websites. Search long tail keywords, we can not see, high weight website reproduced some of our article ranking it up, this is the advantage of large website.

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1, the original article ranking

love Shanghai spark plan at this stage is the original has many problems, but love Shanghai has a lot of room for improvement. In the Xiaofeng lottery websites in China, I also should from a deeper level to understand how to write a original article. Not all the original things in love with sea love, but love the original content users love only love the sea. As for the acquisition of this is a disadvantage for the development of the internet. Love the sea to make the user experience this is what they need to think about problems. We can’t put an end to reprint this question, but we should try our best to solve, control such things happen.

my analysis I do Xiaofeng lottery website, found some problems:

love the sea The contents of the original article construction under

2, the original article is not love

love Shanghai spark plan came out, many owners began to engage in the original content, the chain construction site to reduce the number of. Xiaofeng lottery website before, mainly by buying some links, hair some soft Wen, regularly collected some articles update web content. But the love of Shanghai called spark plans to launch the original, I also began to pay attention to the construction site of the original content, how much benefit from me is very clear, is wasted pains can be said. I think love in Shanghai is the original spark plan failed.

Since the original

many webmasters will find that my article it is original, but love is not a spider to Shanghai, the ranking of the site did not change what. I do the construction site 贵族宝贝7ien.cn/ Xiaofeng lottery content is also often the case, the original article is write a lot, but not how to love spiders in Shanghai. After the analysis, the main problems in two aspects, one is the performance of all aspects of the reason the site, another is the content of the problem. Can’t go to the original and the original articles, the original article must meet with the user’s reading habits, original content to users love.