Optimization of long tail keywords those details deserve our heart to dig

fourth, timely statistics record of their long tail word. Because of the large number of long tail words, >

second, the long tail word way by optimizing the website content page. The long tail keywords because the flow rate is low, so little competition in the most common way is through the optimization of the website content page to do, we have to be careful of the details of the long tail word related titles, such as layout description and Keywords tag and text content are reasonable layout of the long tail word our most common practice, through the original the content related to a relatively high degree of quality to attract customers attention to help customers solve the problem, the article must be based on the user experience as the core, try not to read too much of the anchor text user. Reasonable distribution, nature is the long tail key word layout in the content page.

third, for the construction of the chain according to the reasonable correlation between keywords. We know that the search engine and user access to a page is through the link of the website optimization, we need to have a long tail word demand reasonable and relevant keywords to link users to search, layout, page, such as his article is mainly elaborates the Lantian jade bracelet, but also mentioned in the article Lantian jade pendants and other related words, it’s the best time for the word add appropriate anchor text links to the relevant article page, both have very good guide for the user or search engine spiders, inline construction must pay attention to the nature, not mechanically add many connected to a 500 word article link not more than two.

first, analysis of long tail keywords development and mining. The main feature is the long tail word, words more generally, we dig a common way of the long tail word is appropriate to supplement the subject on the basis of their own websites such as Lantian jade, Lantian jade is mine production there? Lantian jade price is how much? Of course, this is I can get most of the time, the user’s search we are unable to guess, this time it is necessary to use some Adsense class tools, such as love, love Shanghai station network search, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform are we expand the long tail words have force weapons, only need to enter the core word, the tool will automatically help us to analyze the long tail Related words, we have to do is according to the features of their products and target customers screening can be reasonable.

as everyone knows, the website optimization of the long tail word process is a very important part in the daily work, although the main keywords flow, but the optimal risk and difficulty is very high, compared to optimize the long tail word is the main keywords competition is small, it is easier to obtain ranking, and bring the conversion rate is also very high, in this case, I think it is necessary for us to optimize the work site of the long tail word we seriously, the author will do a detailed analysis and, in the long tail word in the process of optimizing a set of optimization ideas, good, let’s gossip short continued, into today’s topic, the optimization of long tail keywords details deserve our heart to dig.