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makes money through the Internet, with special management skills, whether it’s doing its own web site or setting up an online shop. Know how to cut costs and improve benefits from all kinds of details. A lot of things can’t be helped by friends, so they can only be solved by themselves. If even the basic management work absent-minded, ability is not, it is difficult to through the network to earn their own money first, it is more difficult to achieve real Wangzhuan male.

understand the use of other people’s strength, is the real strong. It is difficult for a person to have enough standing in the Internet society if he doesn’t have enough friends who are loyal enough. True masters, not necessarily very strong, but must have their own team, like a powerful money making machine, high-speed operation. Know how to communicate with strangers and build friendships. Don’t wait to ask for help when you need it. If you do, you will be rejected, and your career will not go smoothly.

has enough powerful connections,

nowadays some people tend to think that business opportunities is the higher opportunity is not always practical, is only suitable for the opportunity to Wangzhuan Wangzhuan business opportunities. To explain this, involves three concepts, namely, opportunities, business opportunities, Wangzhuan opportunity. Opportunity refers to the feasible breakthrough point, environment, condition and so on. Business opportunity refers to the feasible breakthrough, entry point, environment, condition and so on. Business opportunity is divided into two categories, one is the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum this is the general business opportunities, business opportunities; one is for a period of time, and does not need more initial investment opportunities, it is suitable for the business opportunities that opportunity Wangzhuan wangzhuan. Wangzhuan opportunity has three important features, one is for a period of time; two is the market will grow; three is the higher the conditional use.

before the identification of a higher chance to define opportunities "". On a clear definition or not, no clear definition of Wangzhuan opportunity, is unable to carry out specific analysis and screening. The definition of opportunity is to define the commercial connotations and commercial boundaries of specific opportunities. On the basis of the analysis of the opportunity to, and then determine the specific opportunities and the higher is relevant or irrelevant, is advantageous, or no profit, and profit big or small.

anything, just built on the network, it is difficult to let their comrades in arms friends enough to trust themselves, cooperation, if you want to continue, there is also a certain degree of difficulty. For the network partners, in reality, often contact or cooperation, in order to consolidate the friendship between each other, to help their career closer development.

The so-called

has exceptional managerial skills,

need to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan opportunity, opportunity identification. The so-called opportunity identification, is to use the occupation experience and business knowledge, coupled with the rational analysis and the ponder, to understand the specific opportunities in all aspects, and then determine how to use specific opportunities Wangzhuan business prospects.

Internet development rate is really amazing, just more than 10 years time, Tencent this kind of enterprise beyond 100 years old was born. With only one day, and yesterday’s brilliant website, the big company went bankrupt overnight. If there is no continuous innovation and learning ability, then there will inevitably be 30 days, Hedong, 30 days of Hexi tragedy, this is definitely not alarmist talk. Innovation does not have to last, but it must have the ability to continue to accept it

in addition, if it is to open the shop, then if combined with the entity store operations, but also necessary. I believe that a lot of scale to do great online shop, are self-help entities shop. That is to say, you have to leave your phone, address and other contacts in a clear place, and it is also the best way to interview with a partner.

so, as a qualified Wangzhuan master, should have what kind of technology? And really make money through the Internet, but also know the basic things? I think nothing more than the following:

to identify a Wangzhuan opportunity, usually requires four aspects to analyze the content of. One is the initial market size specific opportunities much; two is the specific opportunities will exist for long time span; three is the speed of specific opportunities in the market will change with time and the growth and the scale of the upper limit; four is a favorable opportunity for the specific degree of certain higher person.

, a business opportunity is not necessarily the Wangzhuan chance

two, opportunity identification is the first step of Wangzhuan

keeps learning and innovating,

in the real economic life, for the opportunity and not a lot of people. The higher need "choice of funnel" through layer after layer selection, in many opportunities to find really suitable for their own Wangzhuan opportunity.

Wangzhuan, is through the Internet to make money. But in fact, the network to some extent, the Internet is a telephone, a lot of things or to establish on the basis of reality, so want to make money through the network, it is not only to understand the Internet so simple.

need to pay attention to whether Wangzhuan opportunity, hang up, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, play yards Wangzhuan, or other free Wangzhuan project, this is all so. If the higher not found or select the appropriate opportunity is very difficult to succeed Wangzhuan.

In the face of

three, the opportunity to choose a funnel to screen out a "good opportunity"

the first layer to screen better Wangzhuan opportunity. Generally speaking, good Wangzhuan opportunity has five characteristics, one is in the foreground in the market, the first 5 years of the market demand will steadily rapid growth; the two is to make a profit on the Wangzhuan

Wangzhuan and reality is king