With the sharp drop in the volume of sea site index is the spark caused by any algorithm

therefore, the webmaster in website content updates on the day after, is not to fall in love with the sea and play "cat and mouse".

this dragon does not believe that love is what Shanghai new algorithm is launched or their own database, is precisely the effect caused by the spark plan love Shanghai. In the love of Shanghai continue to advocate website original content and user experience today, the spark plan is introduced in order to protect the original rights and interests, to enhance its credibility favorable measures to love Shanghai. Most of the domestic situation can throughout Shanghai dragon, in the station for the intentions of editing and the original is not much, and the website wants to do all the original itself is a challenge, in the homogenization of serious lack of implementation of Internet space. Although love Shanghai in advocating the original, and has introduced a variety of measures to guide the webmaster towards the original direction, but most commonly take the Shanghai dragon adopted piecemeal strategy, through a variety of means to confuse the pseudo original love Shanghai judgment, so as to achieve the purpose of real ones.


spark plan, will affect the whole site

love Shanghai in August 3rd so many websites in the index and the sea site fallen sharply, many webmaster Tucao in the forum, Shanghai is not love again what algorithm changes or love of Shanghai’s own database problems etc.. Some owners have irritability or panic, fear is a precursor to the site to drop right, dragon’s own website is no exception, the 35 decline in August 3rd to accept the love sea index dropped 23, as shown in figure

Small update

The subsequent steps that

dragon believes that with the improved after the spark plan, Shanghai could not love is only for the identification of original to delete that love is so simple, why Shanghai invested enormous human and material resources to develop the spark algorithm, and guide the owners to make unremitting efforts for the transformation of the original. Along with the gradual perfection of love Shanghai spark algorithm, will have a significant impact on the overall ranking of the site, but also hope to pay more attention to the webmaster.


Because the original

recognition itself is a complex problem that involves not only technology, but the Internet itself is associated with the interests of the chain. Love in Shanghai this year focused on the introduction of the original spark plan, plays an important role in supporting the original website, the website is down part of the results of the implementation of the algorithm is the spark. Many enterprise website content is updated daily and pseudo original, dragon guess love Shanghai this just reduce the site included, did not change the site keywords ranking, to a certain extent that love, Shanghai is likely to be easy to identify the pseudo original content that just delete in the early, not implicated other websites. Not only is a great reaction to the webmaster of the concerns, in 1212 6.28 after the incident the webmaster to love Shanghai scold and revenge, will improve the algorithm provides a buffer time.