Website optimization FAQ nine why not stable site outside the chain

3, the modification of the chain often. The same modification links will make the chain appear unstable, originally is the home page of the link to the inside pages, naturally there will be the original link by the search engine judgment is invalid, after all, even the original link does not exist.

2, the modification of the chain often. This should be ignored by many owners, after the chain anchor text search engine will be modified before the ruled invalid link, because previously collected and spiders are not the same.

The quality of

6, outside the chain of software out of the brush. The chain is the most unstable, once the search engine is found outside the chain of brush will naturally give the most severe punishment, after all this affect the search engine requirements naturalness.

4, buy Links suspend purchase. This is also a common cause of the chain is not stable.

, 7 of the chain is low and the search engine is removed. From common forum, blog, query the web site and the chain, quality of the chain is the lowest.

The anchor text of

these two days is idle, and concentrate on the series finished, thank you in front of the brick, Q & A, 8 aspects respectively: "new", "why not be included website snapshot update", "why not false original article why not be included," "why the site only included the home page" "why, the web site is included," why "down keywords ranking unstable", "why not go" website weight, "why" website traffic is so low, it said today, outside the chain. Many owners have had the experience, thought through ascension to promote the chain website ranking, who knows the chain so suck, the chain and up and down. It gets stable rankings for keywords, is undoubtedly the most painful blow. Because the search engine ranking algorithm, the stability of the chain is one of the reference index for good ranking. The chain and rise and down the search engine to make website friendly, and go down for a long time, the search engine will give up the snapshot update. At the same time it is also the site of the other factors in promotion very unfavorable. For the chain, the author thinks that the choice of stable release platform, regular and consistent increase, regular inspection is the most critical. Today I came to talk about why the chain and their website rise sometimes drop, the reason is what and how to solve the


1, the chain release platform is not stable, this is the cause of the chain is not stable the most basic reason, if the platform is not open, when a search engine big update, the chain of nature which has become null all links will be deleted.

5, the chain release platform down or be included inside pages included is deleted, the situation in the chain from the forum, once own posts included the chain is deleted, the chain will fail.


first look at the cause of the chain is not stable

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