Those who love Shanghai may lead to inadvertent punishment

is mainly for the domestic users of the site, we were in the Shanghai dragon was the most important thing is to optimize the search field Chinese love Shanghai. Site search is the main source of flow from it, so to optimize Shanghai’s love is to a certain extent determines the success or failure of website optimization. But for the owners concerned, the purpose of optimization is to get the front rank in a shorter period of time, the snapshot update faster, more included, higher weight, often prone to anxious attitude driven by this mentality in the process, it is easy in implementation of the optimization of the site in the optimization over the implementation of measures did not hold good, should pay attention to the "moderate" principle, but inadvertently made love Shanghai optimization taboo, lead optimization not only did not receive the expected purpose, but just the opposite, light makes the optimization of no effect, heavy punishment was even love Shanghai. In order to avoid a similar mistake in the experience of the author do the following summary of these common mistakes:

1, Title and Description caused by excessive write keywords repeated and redundant

when the search engine spiders crawl and crawl to the site, the first to capture the information from the website of the Title and Description of the two information, because this place is the best embodiment of the site location and theme, let search engines know this website that focus is connected with what keywords. Therefore, in the two set optimization is mainly around the keywords to launch, but some owners mistakenly think that here more emphasize key words and more get the attention of the search engine, the more can get good rankings and weight, so in the preparation process has made the "wrong" is a mistake. Too much in the Title and Description to add keywords, the length is far more than the right words, the two is in the preparation process of these keywords, resulting in a large number of keyword repetition and redundancy, these practices not only is not easy to get recognized by the search engine, but it is easy to be judged to have suspected cheating and subjected to scrutiny study of love in Shanghai, so the optimal effect not only can not be realized, but the site optimization stalled, so we should pay attention to avoid this problem.

2, a large number of keyword stuffing the website content into the embarrassing situation of

cheating audit

content in website optimization is the key, high quality content to help to optimize the hand to highlight the originality, on the other hand is to carry out the appropriate keywords layout in which increase the anchor text keywords to moderate, prominent site to get good rankings and weight. However, in the end in an article in the layout of how many words into many anchor text is the most suitable is that many owners do not have clear problem. In fact, according to the content of the words, the general layout of the words in the article of the anchor text, not more than 3, while the keywords to mutual collocation, not overlapping, use some long tail key.