Webmaster how to classify the information outside the chain guide and meet the needs of users

website development to which a stage for the site to set up the chain are essential lessons, this paper focuses on the analysis of the anchor text and links and text three chain form, when I think a lot of small website owners in the chain to build their own websites do not understand is very different the three chain form, and this article will tell the content, I hope this can help to webmaster, I am also a webmaster, I think we are living in an industry began to enter the family, the following topics.

let’s take a look at the anchor text outside the chain of this form, in my opinion, the anchor text of the chain is the chain in the regular army, the anchor text for the website optimization effect is the largest. Why? Let’s take a look at the form of the anchor text of the chain: key word + hyperlinks. And this is a qualified anchor text of the chain, the webmaster friends think we here to A5 this keyword as an example, if your web site keywords of the optimization is the word A5, so whether we are in the forum signature, soft release are set to "a5+" hyperlink, the user see the understanding of love this is not the first time came to the keywords to your website, when the search engine spiders crawling forum resources or website content is not available through this link into your website directly However, the most critical is the anchor text and a keyword, then the search engine spiders will not record your keywords, this natural search engine will enter your site from different sites, provide more chance to grab your site, at the same time when the satisfaction of your website content is to enhance your web site keywords ranking, this is the role of the anchor text, can be said that the regular army is out of the ordinary.

2, the chain links can allow the user to remember URL, now the site owners do not want their website which can be user firmly in mind, the chain that the form of hyperlinks can very good web site will show up, meet the needs of different people.

3, the chain anchor text and hyperlinks, their biggest advantage is to allow users to click to enter the site, let the search engine spiders to crawl into the site, which is laid for the development of the site.

No matter

1, super link chain form is convenient, fast, if you need to insert a hyperlink in the post, then you only need to copy and paste in the browser can, very fast, but also set the anchor text links and keywords brackets.

look at the chain links in the form of a hyperlink, the chain is equivalent to our field army, the chain form of it: 贵族宝贝****贵族宝贝/, this form of the chain is the construction of the chain many methods commonly used in our webmaster, A5, Chinaz and so on, laggards forum often see the chain form why, many owners are keen on this form the chain? Let me talk about my views: