Three stages of personal summary of the experience of learning Shanghai Dragon

During this period, As the saying goes,

master door, rely on individual practice. When you are determined to enter this line at the moment, the decision you have to rely on their own efforts to learn a little knowledge, then the knowledge mastery of a series, the maximum power of it. Remember to start even the anchor text do not know what is, it sounds very abstract, after learning to know the hyperlink anchor text with key words is actually. And this in Shanghai dragon is a very important concept.

third, Shanghai dragon master stage, their efforts have been affirmed and enjoys certain popularity.

second, have their own ideas of Shanghai Longfeng, accumulated a lot of experience.

read how these 3 stages, that is not the Shanghai dragon master line. So from this moment to serious execution! Remember, Shanghai dragon is focused on execution! Strong execution are likely to succeed. The copyright to >

The first

this example shows it is very important to learn the basic knowledge, such as you practice martial arts, Zhama didn’t pierced, as more of uniting the upper work possible? The result is either zouhuorumo or have been wasted.

Nantong Shanghai dragon learning Shanghai dragon is also a half a year, also have some experience. Do several websites, most is a failure, or is not ranking, or is not making money. Feel learning Shanghai dragon experienced three stages. It is as if you are practicing martial arts, takes time to accumulate, firm and indomitable perseverance and hard work, can have success. This is no shortcut, only go down-to-earth. The following is my own thinking and summing up the three stages of Shanghai dragon do.

in the process of Shanghai dragon in Shanghai dragon slowly on a new understanding. Have their own understanding of the Shanghai dragon. Do stand in the process, to the knowledge you have learned to use, for example, do the details, site map, 301 redirect, set the 404 error page, navigation etc.. To understand the method to deal with some problems such as the website after website, how to prevent the drop down the right and the right to be K how to deal with some common problems. Also know many like-minded friends together, learning exchanges, mutual aid, and more rapid progress.

after studying for a long time on the Shanghai dragon and the actual operation, this time can be 1 years, 2 years or even longer, also obtained the affirmation of the counterparts in the search engine must at the same time. At the same time to shape their own brand. Through a series of data analysis to better control of a website, how to understand the flow and transformation of revenue.

, beginners learning stage, each knowledge point.

learners basically love pseudo original, do the chain specialist like live. But this is a process, to exercise their own, is conducive to the collection of Shanghai Longfeng resources, understanding of Shanghai dragon can also have a deeper.