The Shanghai Dragon the old eating don’t bigotry

and Shanghai dragon, thought has three most: the internal structure optimization, content optimization, external optimization. In fact, this is also the Shanghai dragon do three points for the divergence point of global optimization. Optimization of the internal structure of the building early on, the optimization framework is reasonable, in the late optimization is mainly for the chain optimization and content. But in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, I do not know when there is always a problem, until now also failed to cure: eating old, eating the old, more and less technology innovation.

two: the optimization of the keyword gnawing the old

template will be installed thousands of times, even in the next few years will be sustained after the installation, not many people willing to spend two hundred or three hundred dollars to do a set of templates. The search engine spiders crawling, look tired, have wrong ah, is this program, this set of templates! And each station has a different development type, how to make all the template according to their own requirements? Tailor-made effect, is the most suitable for the development of itself the spider, face the duplicate content pages more favored. Especially high repeatability of the template will be directly considered "junk" spider information, if not so, then the new trust evaluation period is relatively long. Waste of time is a waste of money, after the webmaster don’t bite the old template.


to search for a keyword, it will have tens of thousands of information in which each keywords are numerous sites to do. But on the whole, the keyword seems to be carved out of a mold. Of course, this also is the key word after all, no ground for blame, family competition. But it would be wrong in the webmaster, when eating rival keywords, but ignore the other station intention. You bite into words, may a point just each other, not the main keyword. Because, a station, the total can not only be a word ranking? For rival keywords, always don’t bite, any successful station, will be your opponent to chew, rather than repeatedly eating opponents before success! Now some successful sites, a large part of is itself to create a lot of new words, through its own development, success. With the old key to consolidate their own, unless the money drop down, or just sitting. What was the happy farm, and now micro-blog, micro-blog, which is not a design

three: the update of eating the old

A person with a

: a program template gnawing the old

create new styles?

for small sites, every day how many of the original ah? Was finally K out, the search engine also complained about unfair. If only the so-called pseudo original acquisition, and can be for a long time in an invincible position, it is hard for the original site, day in and day out year after year is too unfair. One original articles will be reproduced in hundreds of times. In these sites, how many had succeeded? Have to say, "