Some web site weight down the main reason

No matter how big the ? update algorithm

PV UV, some owners in order to improve the code will be added automatically jump on the site, you think the search engine spider

software group

some webmasters to promote your site, use some software in the blog, a large forum sending link information, so as to improve the number of the chain. First of all, if in order to attract spiders in the high weight forum 3 original articles enough. Secondly, now the search engine has been very intelligent, this trick can cheat TA

any one station in the line on the site, rankings and included the increasing weight, want to site, not to mention the weight drop things. Can the site in the construction process is the decline in some weight, so in this case the webmaster how to treat it, according to their own 337331 site navigation station experience, that experience the following possibilities, as long as these skills grasp the web site of the weight loss is not too large.

search engine algorithm adjustment will influence the weight of a web site, but the general case after a period of time the weight will rebound, but if it is not picked up for 1-2 months, then need to complain about love in Shanghai.


pop over

some webmaster to increase advertising revenue, adding a lot of pop-up window on the page, but this time caused by the spider crawling disorder, so as to search engine to leave a bad impression.

to modify the structure of

virus horse

owners in the set in order to achieve "better" the effect does not stop Shanghai Longfeng change the website title and keywords, but this approach is counterproductive, The loss outweighs the gain. Because.

modified several times

website, as long as the revision will affect the weight, so to avoid frequent changes in the structure of the website.

said although the authoritative keyword density in 4% – 8%, but I now I don’t see much advantage in this range. Some owners to make your site keywords to the so-called reasonable density, using the method of keyword accumulation, whether intentionally or repeat after repeated keywords are hiding, escape the "magic of the spider.

normal stationmaster won’t do, deeds will happen.

is a fool?


automatically jump


some owners in order to save money to buy cheap space, or shared with people in a IP space. First of all, the spatial stability cheap service difference. More importantly, if shared space with the IP IP, if a web site is black, the other people all follow close involvement.