The five stages of a grassroots growth in the nternet industry

If the

is also working with project practice, together with colleagues and exchange opportunities, three of us are walking together there must be my teacher, I believe that Shanghai Longfeng, do Internet need contacts, with contacts, there will be a lot of help, to a small Links, to have the opportunity to play a chengjiubaye. So at the same time I often participate in some industry organizations will exchange, each will hand know many new friends, name card, for a long time you will know your direction.

three, work to regulate themselves, determine the direction of

first started a website, a website has been feeling very easy to earn money, but often the reality and imagination is a big gap, I was confused too, want to give up, go home pig, but this family won’t agree, then in the Internet Conference 11 years, feel 10 the Internet is wonderful, hear the development and Prospect of the future of the Internet for 10 years, I finally decided to build a career in the Internet industry, the following is the development direction of our learning experience before and after, to share with you here.

, five of the new pattern of Internet

four, doing the project and management of

have a basic understanding of the site, and then began to register a domain name, buy space, write their own procedures is very bad, so that it is a new system for the cloud, made a novel download site, flow from one or two excited to 3000IP don’t care, love from the Shanghai site not included to the collection of over 10000, then pulled the hair to 10 Fen left. My poor site, my virgin station, became a test product, and later because of the change in a space, the record is revoked, and did not come again for the record, the website was closed, the domain name is still.

don’t want to be a general is not a good soldier, not always to do unilateral executive, not always passive to do the task, I believe there are a lot of people are tired of going to post, QQ mass advertising and so on, the whole of the site has been recognized, with a deep understanding of promotion methods and you can choose to do a project or company management, distribution of work, pay close attention to the overall situation, with a higher level of the industry.

two, in the practice of consolidating knowledge

will copy and paste others are very hard to make good grades, to have a deeper understanding of the Internet, there is a certain amount of capital, have a certain.

, learning the basics of


is not the basis of the research to learn a skill or course, I certainly can not learn, I participated in the 08 year of July a website operation training, is the use of spare time to go to university training, until 09 years in March to complete 286 hours of training, recall at that time, he also made a simple news website, their own procedures, design, and operation, or quite the sense of accomplishment.