Ten the website was hacked cause

injection vulnerabilityThe communication of

among the victims, government departments because of malicious software piracy has lost $50 billion, trade secrets or competitive information leakage reached 59%, followed by the unauthorized access to confidential government information (55%) and the influence of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure (55%).

10, not on the website address access

8, information leakage and error handling

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by the data on the website builders should clearly understand that the use of pirated software or operating system is very easy to be black, bring unpredictable losses to the enterprise. In order to enterprise website safety, self-help experts suggest that companies choose to provide regular ICD server.

3, cross site scripting (XSS)

7, the safety of reference

5 malicious files, execute

6, no security encryption storage device


The cross site instruction forgery

2, not safe

in addition to the above reasons the 10 common website was hacked, the official website of the construction of enterprise staff analysis said that there was a new black reason, that is the server. Some companies want to save money, the use of pirated server software, the software is made with hackers, virus. Pirated software and server operating system with the background and the virus, can make the enterprise website was hacked badly.

data shows that because of software piracy caused huge losses last year, the global business losses of nearly $500 billion funding. In addition, in order to deal with the harm of global enterprises in 2013 brought pirated software, has spent $114 billion.

website was hacked it is very troublesome, it will endanger the site of all aspects of the situation, rankings, flow, users click rate etc.. Therefore, in the construction site, the programmer needs to take measures to keep the website was hacked. To do this, first understand what is generally because the website was hacked:


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9, security authentication and session management