Review your experience Optimization Analysis of Shanghai dragon Er should have what

second, Shanghai dragon optimization techniques vary constantly grasp optimization thinking. Since the website optimization strategies in Shanghai Longfeng changing, we should continuously improve the method to optimize the way, not to say before the operation had no effect, if always follows the old road, inefficient more or less problems. Outstanding Shanghai dragon Er have maintained a thought of the times, and often other people especially the communication and the industry’s top friends. The author thinks that the circle of website optimization is a very important to enhance their own channels, many of the current Shanghai dragon forum advertising everywhere, Shanghai dragon itself pure thinking a lot of Shanghai Longfeng class forum has been hard to find, the author thinks that familiar with each other exchange groups, Shanghai dragon if there is a pure land of the circle of friends or some spontaneous organization the next line, honestly share effective communication is the most valuable.

third, had to say about the website system and page structure. The website structure and program code is website optimization efficiency, the author a deep feeling, as early as 2010, when many of the vaunted website construction company website function more Niubi much when I own a pure static HTML site online, access speed, can greatly enhance the user access the search engine has a good degree, this is undoubtedly a miracle winning strategy, although the optimization of development to the present, the principle of search engine crawling, indexing, sorting or around to carry out, but the influence of grasping and sort of way increased by many factors, such as click behavior, user experience, and is not content >

first, interest is the best teacher is unremittingly. In reality I said optimization into the industry and not by the foundation, but itself is very popular with the website, such as the common production site template, open source website, ASP dynamic website, divcss layout of their love of painstaking research, after the course has its own site, the first problem is to earn pocket money, then that is a variety of Wangzhuan, website optimization this industry to flow naturally, finally, it is due to the original interest, dedication and desire for technology, plus the website optimization combining this technology and art industry is that I have been engaged in the work of optimization unremittingly to now, of course still in debugging the website the code, but the focus shifted to the optimization of the Shanghai dragon, to come up with results of interest is the foundation, firm and indomitable perseverance Is the core.

I have been the Shanghai dragon optimization enthusiasts and practitioner himself in 2009 by CMS established the first independent website, go to a professional road of the webmaster, as long as there is any industry website, will inevitably involve the website optimization is also called Shanghai Longfeng, optimize your website to play for five years. Deeply, optimization work hard and difficult, Guantanamo, what makes me so persistent in this struggle is still full of thorns on the road? Here, I and everybody share some perception of their recent years optimization work.