Shanghai dragon hurt the ten off as one of the means the chain article

for a long time did not write the article, I am ashamed to say that recently, after repeated consideration, decided to write a bit about some methods for Shanghai Longfeng summary from the 6.28 incident, for individual rankings, for the love of Shanghai understanding, it also confirms the old saying, hurt the ten fingers, as well the one that my blog – Xi’an Shanghai dragon Zhu Qifei blog is lost without dismount, especially, because it is bearish, or not was a kind of mood, think of the original blog, it is so young, oh, actually I now is not old, by yourself, to go their own way. If you want to go, the end of the road or the road……

took my blog – Xi’an Shanghai dragon Zhu Qifei blog, for example, in the website construction is completed, we all know that the first thing is to update the article. Having written his essay, many people wanted to send some outside the chain, which in itself is not wrong. But how to operate this process? Writing is immediately released, or after one or two days on the release, had a week to release, skills and rules which how to grasp? I suggest, don’t worry, you can go to Shanghai to submit a site of love, the best in the absence of fast before every day, to submit it, the best time is early in the evening time, the specific time and eat almost, really have the energy, can submit a midnight. Why not hurry to do outside the chain construction, the reason is very simple, before love Shanghai without you, can not find the main (your own website, because it is not included), the weight is not conducive to the late love Shanghai ranking, this in the end is important? Each one according to his lights.

in the end when to start the construction of the chain website is better? First of all, the first time after the website is a more appropriate choice, but to do the preparatory work late, do not write the article, not the next, this is not good. There is a method to contribute the construction of the chain, this is a very good way, which can build high quality chain, and can obtain certain exposure and visibility, and brand building are involved, it is necessary to take into account your own location and >

recently in Xi’an, the weather is cool, I’m afraid of the heat, the more afraid of the fan and air conditioning, so the weather is more suitable for me. Okay, well, we today to discuss the Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a very important part of the construction of the chain, the ancients said: hurt their ten fingers off as one means. I also agree, because in Shanghai Longfeng industry, there is such a sentence: content is king, the chain for friends of the chain for the emperor, inside the chain for phase!. So today, we talk about the construction of the chain. Everyone in Shanghai Longfeng knows that construction is a very important link is the chain of Shanghai dragon. But how to better construction? And the construction time distribution, quantity distribution, in order to achieve the best effect? How to find high quality outside the chain? This a series of problems, I will in the following content are related to.