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five to take the task Witkey network

Four method

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method we all know, as we see a good stuff, we will recommend to our friends, so we for every user to service, so that he will recommend us to his friends, so to promote the effect is much better than our own, and it can reach each other the effect of publicity, it is good for us, we all know that no matter which industry competition is very big, so why do people have to choose us? So we have good service to every user, so we can go long.

we can optimize the forum and answer continuously on the site of the problem (of course not told us to answer them, like.

three initiative method

filed orders are commonplace thing, all have orders, only you received a list, in order to make the income increase, we want to increase the income for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, nature also cannot do without orders this step, but every industry each industry way of orders Shanghai Longfeng, as professionals, you will meet Shanghai Longfeng list? Here in Wuhan Shanghai dragon to talk and by what method can meet Shanghai dragon optimization list.

we can search keywords on the Internet, and then find the ranking on the site, then we can directly contact the person in charge, talk about the optimization of things (of course, you must have a successful case), so the success rate is still there, after all, now through the Internet sales of products or services of the enterprise or individual is too much, we there are still great development space.

method is higher, in the task China, zhubajie贵族宝贝 can be received many similar list, all love to list directly submitted to the site, because the site brings together a large number of talented people, as the saying goes "master in folk", thus may spend their own money relatively less. So where can we go around, also received a lot of optimization list.

six in the forum and answer the question

do a website to love in front of Shanghai or Google (in most cases we do is the two search engines), and of course our words must be for the site optimization, say the word Wuhan Shanghai dragon, Wuhan website optimization and so on, when a user searches for the word came to the site when much has this aspect demand, so that we can sit and wait for others to come to us, this kind of method is more labor-saving.

now the flow of people in these places are very large, with demand. We can leave our contact in these places, it can bring us a part of the customer.

two Post Bar, ask questions such as platform