Keyword stuffing fast ranking does not fall right Get in the car

second: do not be concentrated in a certain corner. Keywords is not too dense to a position here, put a pile of words, and there continued to put a bunch of words. Obviously not desirable to easily search engine in the stack keywords doubt you.


fourth: the chain should pay attention to, not the same keywords many times in the anchor text to return to the home page, this is cheating, the anchor text should be diversified. Between the pages and pages can be done, because of strong relativity, but no home.


today and take you to the sixth Shanghai dragon flying wave, sitting down to drive.

fifth: the previous article also mentioned, is the chain of different addresses with the same anchor text links page is not desirable, the anchor text should be diversified operation.

is not yet ranked rise drop dramatically, or is the card on page three or four or other page up. How to do

third: title tags and ALT tags, don’t put a pile of words, this is obviously cheating. Is the title of the article, we put the title to the contents of title in general can be, as long as there is a keyword in the line, do not bother to add words; ALT too. This is typical of the stack.

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keyword ranking is not fast, down right? Come on


here Xiaobian have to say about, in fact we are in a heap of misunderstanding, the word is not like, too obvious, a look that is not Shanghai dragon old driver, are generally only entry novice or Er will do Shanghai dragon.

keyword ranking how to play fast, not fall right? I believe a lot of buddy in the optimization of the website, make a mistake, always love to stack keywords, the keywords are concentrated in a heap, looking at the dense, anyway, is to put the keyword density up, just feel comfortable.

: the first moderate density, do not appear a core word density is very high, and very low density of other core words. Such as: do not appear a core word density is more than 8%, other core words less than 2%, the gap is too obvious, not desirable. The general situation of density in the range of 2%-8% can be, between several core word density gap is not too big.


stack keywords ranking



without being punished?Here we only for the home page for

keyword will be excessive punishment right down to six, in what is the meaning of a keyword in this article are mentioned, we can go to see.


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