ntelligent era Shanghai dragon have no way back

intelligent era had quietly come to us, but we have not noticed, Ma said that he knew the women’s national average bust which province minimum, how, how does he know? Is very simple, the user after each purchase left data will be stored in the database of the Alibaba. With user data accumulated, he can easily know which area which IP users buy which type of bra, when the data are gathered in front of him, he naturally know which province the average female bust is small, this is not, as long as he is willing, he can know any personal shopping like, often buy what love, what brand, what is the unknown habit, yes, Ma back to his huge database information, he even more than your pillow To know yourself, or that his database stored inside the data is a true portrait of your character, precision infinitely close to 100%, are you afraid of?


in Shanghai dragon industry, the rise of a word, the intelligent search will let Shanghai dragon become not worth a farthing. So before discussing this proposition, we can take a look at what is the intelligent search, why would let Shanghai dragon become

Robin Li of the driverless cars on the road, Ma Yun no shop floor, Liu Qiangdong unmanned delivery began, as if for a moment, the world once again the unbelievable change, everyone in the world is that no one falls era, the era of intelligent, all people are starting to panic, is not after our work will gradually be intelligent instead, we should decide on what path to follow?

In fact, the so-called

to some extent, Shanghai dragon is losing its former glory, with the arrival of the era of intelligent trend, even unable to search engines and the intelligent person against the powerful, not to mention the search engine engineer technical team is known as the most intelligent group of people in the world, but we should also be with this time the advent of the era of intelligent change thinking, intelligent search, precise recommendation is the search engine to provide users more efficient services, but the search engine is not a producer, we are, if >

back to the intelligent search topic, is not Shanghai dragon has begun to slowly lose value, there is no point in

not worth a farthing?

is simply the so-called intelligent search, when different users enter keywords in the search box, search engine by recording the user’s search habits, special preferences, the geographical factors such as different, intelligent recommendation, record user information more detailed recommendations are also more accurate, is. You’re not wrong, this is the search engine grab live, this should belong to the Shanghai dragon work content, because now the search engine technology innovation, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners began their jobs in jeopardy. The real name system of compulsory behavior of each large network company some time ago is paving the way for the intelligent era, this is indeed represent the general trend.