To optimize the site of several common misunderstandings novice most of Shanghai Dragon

error two: the content of the site with a large number of false original article

can be said to be the core content of a web site, the key is to optimize the site. Keywords should focus on the content theme to develop, a good grasp of density. Too many have suspected of cheating, not what the actual effect is too small. Search engine keyword recognition function in constant change, to grasp the website keyword density, word frequency and position, will bring a lot of weight for the new website. A good grasp of the keyword density is a network.

new website content is generally low, a station like I did before, the site itself does not have a few pages, the original writing is almost not realistic, no way can only be achieved by a large number of false original articles to increase your site and the chain and lifting weight. I believe that, like this I met a lot of Shanghai dragon Er have had. So to be short of time to update and fill up the contents, method of pseudo original is to many webmaster used. However, the content of the website should be the first to meet the needs of users, providing visitors valuable content. Many webmaster website content of pseudo original too, has become a strong "original", but no readability for. It is all for Shanghai and Shanghai dragon and Phoenix, too. A very good article after the pseudo original tools, become messy, luanchengyiguoyu. Lost user experience, even if the flow rate is brought out, as can be imagined.

error three: keyword density is too large or too small

novice site optimization, included, rankings and weight through the night on the site. At night, shibuzhiwei become homely food, all through the night. This should be through all the webmaster have too. Sometimes struggle up two or three months ranking, actually wake up back to the liberation. This is a small problem, K was more annoyed. Of course, there is not a search engine for your opinion, but you optimization problems, the search engine antipathy things without knowing it. So, instead of complaining, not from their own problems. About the website optimization process, often there will be a lot of problems but easy to ignore. The following is a brief introduction about the new web site optimization is often the existence of optimization problems in the process, I hope everyone can avoid these errors:

error: the use of foreign free space for the record speed for


now our website real name system for the record, the record is required for a long time, for many enterprises, in order to gain time to grasp business opportunities, often using free space for overseas. Although avoid because of long time record of missed opportunities, but the overseas space are not stable, but also a great harm to the enterprise. Therefore, it should adopt the opportunistic, the domestic space, although the record time longer, the space, the price is relatively high, but also reduces the server space, for reasons which led to the site is down right, even by the K etc..