Use the nofollow tag to improve website weight

nofollow tag is proposed by Google leader, was later love Shanghai, Yahoo and other search engines strong support. Some webmaster using nofollow tags to keep site weights are of no great importance link spread out.

, an application of nofollow Tags

A pages and B do connect A web page with nofollow tags, B "no, so it’s relatively B A web page to cast a vote, and vote for B and A web page. There are many webmaster to improve website weight, use this label to enhance the site’s weight of cheating.

is the author of more than 2. for some enterprise station shield. There are individual owners of the site, if you feel that the page is not.

two, the reasonable application of nofollow to enhance the station website weight

1. in general, we in the web page inside reasonable by adding the nofollow tag can effectively enhance the weight of the website, such as: some enterprise website links, enterprise introduction, customer case, messages and other online, these pages are not updated frequently, can shield spider with a nofollow tag, because these pages by search engine collection is not necessary to let the weight of other pages will pass in vain, the website weight lose you.

2. also, if you use the nofollow tag into a hyperlink, that is to tell search engines not to track the link, this link is not affected by the release of trust, the general form such as: ###.

We all know that

For example: if the

nofollow is an attribute of the HTML tag value. "If coupled with the link to tell search engines that do not track the specific link. With this label this link is not subject to the trust, called search engines don’t track links, given the vote.

recently, the author from the Shanghai love search some industry keywords, find a lot of ranking in Shanghai love home website, have joined the nofollow label. The application of this label is also less, but many large websites are used, that is the application of this label do that.

1. first of all, we can see the love from Shanghai encyclopedia, nofollow tags have many kinds of role. For example: you don’t want a page to be indexed by search engines, you can use the " nofollow" written in the meta tags on the page, such as: this form, form ", basic love Shanghai is not included. Of course, the network master gathered, there are many methods you may shield the spider included some pages, we are not here to discuss other methods today on the application of nofollow tags.