What is the high weight of the chain and the chain of high quality common misunderstanding

high quality chain

Shanghai dragon friends know the importance of the chain, a high quality link skills attract spiders, but also improve the weight gain, keywords ranking, below I do half the time to talk about network promotion I know high weight chain (only for the love of Shanghai).


and above love Shanghai know, a lot of friends in the forum post love Shanghai Post Bar love Shanghai’s own products, leave a link is of high quality. It is a common misunderstanding, and the judgment method as above, you try it, just to find a post, then put the keywords this post that > title

high quality the chain a misunderstanding: the love of Shanghai know (misunderstanding index 5)

believes that there are many just contact Shanghai dragon friends will listen to what others say, do leave a link quality and how much love in Shanghai know, even some people advocate a love link to know Shanghai top 10 or 100 forum signature. In fact, in accordance with the conditions or judge the high quality links we analyze, link weight love Shanghai know how high? Page weight, we first look at the love of Shanghai know how high, we all know that a page weight is high, ranking, and ranking is a manifestation of page weight form. You can search " Qingdao psoriasis hospital ", we can see that in the second row of the Shanghai Title know love match, and ranked first in the 120 page title does not match exactly, we can conclude that love Shanghai know this page page weight less than 120 so, in other conditions also love Shanghai know this page in the chain weight retention as row chain weight in the first page to stay high. It is just an example (here we cut the picture, but I hope that we still search better), there are many in this situation is not listed here. So, love Shanghai know the link relative forum signature, the quality is high, but not high quality links.

outside the chain of high quality zone two: love Shanghai Post Bar (error index 7)

what kind of link is the chain weight high? Chain weight high must have 2 conditions, the first is Gao Quanzhong’s outbound links page. However, outbound links high weight on the page must be high weight link? The answer is no, what are the second conditions? Only when the link is clicked on, this link is a high weight link, the more clicks get more weight. (by the way here to remind friends to buy black chain weight, even if the page weight you purchase link is very high, but can pass is not a lot). It introduces the judgment of 2 conditions of high weight links below, then introduce 3 common errors: