Web content optimization keywords layout


started to contact the Shanghai dragon is very easy to think of a large increase keyword density can improve the ranking. At least I think so at the start. Because the company is a foreign enterprise, China in a few years, the network marketing at the start, but there is the size of the site (about 20000 types of products). So I will find a few "to do the experiment. To increase keyword density to 8%, that is part of the page ranking improved, continue to increase keyword density to tread on air under 11%. This is bad, the ranking plummeted, then only included no ranking, now is sometimes not included.

before the webmaster layout, we must first understand how to choose keywords (for example, search as much less competition and so on), I will introduce in other articles. After selecting the core keywords and long tail keywords, it is necessary to consider how to layout the keywords.

website optimization generally has four factors: website structure, website content, website chain and website. The inside of each one is very important, to which one is not necessarily the website optimization. This article talk about website content optimization inside keywords layout.

from the contact Shanghai dragon now has more than half of the time, in fact, the first half of this year for a webmaster are not really a long time, even from the rookie is not. But because of my job is to do the SEM, including the Shanghai and Shanghai dragon love for promotion, every day the class sit there all kinds of articles, and then personally experiment. See the website data indicators are in a good direction, the heart is very happy. Of course there are playing the bad time, this time can only make up carefully.

in ChinaZ because this is my first post, so a little more nonsense, you will forgive me. I have learned a lot of ChinaZ in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, have recently started to learn the network site, of course is a novice, so I hope to be able to understand and share your own experience. If the wrong place please. Master, we progress together. I chose to start from the "optimization of the key layout, later if there is time I will slowly put themselves on the Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai and site promotion for the whole experience to share out. The beginning of the text below…


as a warning for the future, decided to Study hard optimization about web pages. Read on the web content optimization of various domestic and foreign posts, buy a book about Shanghai dragon book after optimization, I summed up a set of keywords to optimize the touch plate, according to my keywords layout optimization steps, web content should be no problem what keywords. I am in our company’s website has been tested for several times, every time. I am also beautiful in my own Home Furnishing online in the same way, you can open a look, give me some advice. The following is the specific steps of keyword layout:

> 1.