Why do the webmaster Shanghai Dragon


1. high quality search traffic. The other way is to push the site to the front of the user, the user has no intention of visiting your site. From the search users are actively looking for your site, the target is very accurate, high conversion rate.

2. high price. Shanghai dragon absolutely is not free, but it is relatively low cost, especially in his grasp of Shanghai dragon technology.

4. long-term effective. Network advertisement, CPC once stopped running, immediately stop the flow. The event marketing effect is obvious, but the topic of the past, the flow will disappear. But as long as you don’t cheat, search rankings once up, can be maintained for a long time, and traffic will Everfount.

for the new webmaster, if you have not considered good to promote your website in what way, may wish to go to Shanghai dragon aspects, fully prepared to optimize their own website, let the search engine to include your website, then seriously to analyze keywords you need to do, do the site within the chain and the chain work, adhere to the site is updated every day, the rest of the promotion is rarely used, also from Shanghai dragon to a lot of traffic. When you really grasp the Shanghai Dragon technology, traffic is not only the pursuit of your goals. Source: I burn nets (woshao贵族宝贝), welcome to

3. scalability. As long as the master of keyword research and content extension method, the website can keep increasing target keywords and flow.

search engine is the Internet users search, comparison, determine the most important channel of commodity, is one of the main driving force of electronic commerce.

Methods !

website promotion varied, believes that many webmaster have tried N in many ways to promote your web site. According to the characteristics of their website to choose the promotion method is particularly important, not to say that others are suitable for you to do, according to local conditions, It differs from man to man. But Shanghai has attracted all the webmaster promotion dragon excels, whether you are what kind of website, Shanghai dragon can help you promote your website. Then I summarize for you, why should the webmaster do the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon in the end is what attracted

8. search engine is not master, don’t you want to come to the front row to the front row. Think of ways to improve their site ranking and search traffic, this is the Shanghai dragon.

6. in recent years, Shanghai Dragon technology has been very mature, the webmaster do not at first so strenuous, but also more and more can rely on their own strength control.

5. to improve the website usability, improve the user experience. Shanghai dragon is rarely have to modify one of the website promotion methods can be achieved, while the Shanghai dragon page requirements is many and easy use of the same.