Analysis of some skills of love Shanghai home page ranking for new sites

for the website optimization, the popular saying now is to insist that only continue to insist to be successful, this is the only proper course to take at present to make site optimization, but it is a pity how many webmaster can adhere to the success of the time? But now there are so many ways in the website optimization, then why do we don’t be aggressive, let their site ranking can get good rankings in a shorter time! Even let a new implementation in a very short period of time can also obtain the love Shanghai home page ranking treatment.

first, choose an old name. Of course, the old domain name must be in love with the sea K domain name, it can be tracked through the analysis of webmaster tools. If an old domain name is not K, then the domain name in the weight of love Shanghai is still relatively high, and the method of obtaining the old domain can be achieved through the following two ways, one is to re register the old domain name expired, the old domain name because of expired can now be re registered, then the old domain once registered success, to help the site effect is good. Another way is through the purchase of "corn" in other investment, if some domain name is not very popular, the price is usually not very high.

so how to realize this? The author thinks from four aspects below is more scientific, and only need to be able to persist in a period of time will be able to return, but this time is not very long.

third, with the help of high quality website platform. This is a very important part, is also the site quickly made an important foundation for good rankings, the construction of the chain currently only need high quality attribute correlation and the platform of attention, we can achieve good weight transfer, of course, the chain can not one-time construction too much, need a gradual effect. But at present the construction of the chain is mainly realized through a certain amount of money, free artificial traditional mode has been difficult to construct, and.

second, to create personalized structure. Appeared on the Internet website now there are many types all have the same structure, especially the sites that use the construction of website construction program is even more so, this leads to love Shanghai similar types of Web sites are extremely dissatisfied, so it is hard to improve this kind of website ranking. Therefore, to create personalized website structure, to enhance the website ranking has obvious advantages. Of course, personalized needs of both URL and structure characteristics are provided in the chain optimization and H label of science.

in achieving this is not Arabian Nights, many people may think that, even if successful is because through the black hat optimization method to get through various means of cheating, so it is not advisable. But everything has many ways to achieve the common goal, success is not a fact, if the right to leveraging the power, even through the white hat optimization, also can make new sites in a relatively short period of time can also obtain the love Shanghai home page ranking.