How do enterprise site optimization quickly and steadily

with everybody today speak of enterprise website or rely on the B2B website for the B2B website now audit is very strict, after the registration is to review, you can put the enterprise website, registered a few days exchange exchange links to the information platform in the Links to seduce spider and then wait for love Shanghai love Shanghai included in this waiting period we can in the B2B website registered for audit, general audit time in three days.

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this article is mainly to do enterprise site optimization friends, optimization techniques I also observed many friends do the enterprise website, in fact, the enterprise website optimization is not difficult, as long as the method of ranking, or will soon be able to come.

B2B website there are three places where you can leave the web address link, the first is registered when the contact information required to write the company web site, if not, we can leave the company’s Web site in the company which in general in the company name behind a link in brackets left, third place is the release of products leave the link, some B2B platform inside even if you approved when the release of products or to audit, inside the product chain is best corresponding to your business website links to products, so the larger probability of audit.

love Shanghai had those third party blog message signature effect down, independent blog will certainly be reduced, we can see an article below that link, you think this web page can bring you the effect was too small, and with its website at there is no correlation what the effect is not very good. As for the cache link maybe love Shanghai not included, the chain that you dropped directly on the site, is a big blow.

I found a lot of major corporate website is trying to do the anchor text, anchor text is good, there are many places where you can leave the anchor text links, such as forum signature ah, I see our A5 forum inside a lot of people are doing the signature anchor text, but love Shanghai will put this account and? Some of my friends love to leave the anchor text in some independent webmaster friends blog message, in fact this is likely love Shanghai included only one percent, and some of my friends love by leaving the cache link Webmaster Tools site, but in fact these things useless, even now have the effect, but with more and more love Shanghai algorithm sound, like in the love of Shanghai forum signature now has little effect, and the blog signature.

B2B website to optimize their corporate Web site is the best site to the highest level, the optimization of Shanghai dragon is not deliberate, then we registered in the B2B website information products as to promote their products just by the way his own company links added. Just add a link on the line, adding more than it is what can only use the >

The optimization techniques of