Analysis of the working principle of development strategy for the implementation of Web site spider


find a spider crawling entrance, it will begin the next step – to crawl the page content. But note that the spider is not possible one of the content on the website are captured, it is according to the structure of the site to crawl, that is to say, if the website structure is not reasonable, it will become a stumbling block to the spiders to crawl the page. Therefore, the webmaster should try to solve the problem of internal website structure from two aspects:

when the webmaster website distress why not be included, should try to think about, who is included in the decision of the site? The answer is obvious, is the search engine spiders. Since the search engine spiders are included in the decision maker, we should start from the working principle of the spider, in-depth studies, and then seize the law principle of spiders to plan strategies to maximize the website included. Well, nonsense not say, here I come to the simple and we talk about it.

search engine robots is called the spider, the reason is that the behavior is similar to spider. The spider will through the website of the network link to crawl the pages of a web site, if a site does not have any link to the entrance, then the spider will not start. Therefore, to achieve the maximization of the website included, the first step is to provide more and more closely link the entrance for spiders. The easiest way is to create more internal links for spiders, such as the author of a web site is the case, the author finished the editing in each will add one to two "links recommended reading", providing a crawling spider: entrance, as shown in figure

The principle of



: a principle through the website link crawl the web pages of

(1) flash lite and JS code. Love Shanghai has stated that the spider is more difficult to grasp for containing excessive amounts of elements of the flash website, so the webmaster should try to use flash on the site, even if you want to select smaller capacity used to flash; the same is true for the JS code, the JS power is too gorgeous can actually is not necessary, this the spider will increase the pressure, therefore, to remove the redundant JS or merger is a wise choice.

according to the structure of the website page to crawl insideWhen


site included ratio is often an indicator of one of the many optimization personnel is extremely important, included in the site is fundamentally to decide how much traffic the site, after all, have included will have ranking, ranking can flow. But the website is a difficult problem for many webmaster, many webmaster do stand hard, but found the spider does not favor their own website, also included the number of scanty.

(2) completely remove dead link website. The web site links to death is sometimes not.