2013 real love Shanghai right down a month ranked recovery

: the first week of the page title adjustment; second week: all columns and page title channel adjustment; third week: all the news page and content page title adjustment;

website weight fluctuated slightly, and the core keyword ranking moved forward 5 after third weeks, but adjust the title after a sudden website so keyword ranking 100, snapshot to July 18th. From the beginning of a month of my site rescue process.

site drop right at the beginning of I am optimistic, that is normal fluctuations, but the continuous observation of ten days is still no improvement, site traffic dropped from 200 to less than 10 (the other search engine ranking is normal, but to bring traffic, very little) my heart has no bottom, start operation process of reflection website revision since that, no big mistakes, the revision will affect the site weight can be understood, but a few years old station should not be so serious drop right, it is catching up with the unfortunate love Shanghai adjustment

website drop right cause


once the website is down right now and may recover? How long will it take? From 7.14 to 8.15, in my personal experience and share a business operation of my station from right down to the restoration process, inadequacies also please advice.

and his friends chatted to know that their medical station a few months ago was down the right, has another new optimization promotion.



website may because programmers do not understand website optimization, lead to the existence of a large number of the same title, had to be adjusted. Considering the comprehensive revision will be right down, so he decided to adjust the batches.

in June to take over the site, at the start of the overall style of revision, found before the site are not conducive to search engine optimization, and so on the content of the website, the title and URL adjustment, not content adjustment problem; URL adjustment is also made to redirect, and love Shanghai Webmaster Platform revision submitted, but in the process there is no problem; adjust the site in title was the biggest problem.

aware of such a situation, I decided to stick to it, because a few years old station companies do not want to.

? Before the Two weeks ago

2013 is destined to be a year of Shanghai dragon industry raging like a storm this year, love Shanghai adjusted the algorithm, for the introduction of Mars, Scindapsus algorithm 1 and 2, website ranking one day three, let all the Shanghai dragon ER are at a loss, even coming to Shanghai dragon end of the argument, a jittery time. Have heard friends responsible for the site is down right, a lot of friends waiting for a few months still does not see the ranking recovery, have to give up the optimization of the old station a few years, another new start, before the hard cast to waste everything from scratch.