Question how much is the true love Shanghai love announcement released by Shanghai algorithm


Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Shanghai dragon, as we all know, to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, some data must be good at analysis to the website, but the individual to analysis more difficult, some related techniques and tools need to be included here, such as view love Shanghai, we can use the site command, can also use some third party tools. Information such as the Chinaz Shanghai Longfeng query tool to view the website, through the analysis on the basis of this, we have a clear understanding about the basic situation of the website, and then do some targeted to improve and optimize. Of course, if you want to get more information about search engines, we can also learn some more advanced instructions, in-depth such as intitle, inurl and so on, but if we spend a lot of time and effort to learn the knowledge, but was told you to learn these things is wrong, I believe we will be very disappointed and perhaps some friends will be frustrated, angry call "cheating!".

talked about is to let people do not understand: "collected by site syntax to query the site’s content, can not as your site is good reference. It is possible to site the "results" reduce the number, the actual number could be indexed to increase." This point so I can not help but for the love of Shanghai announced the algorithm to have the suspicion, since site is not accurate, why do you want to use this command, this command query and released what kind of significance, why not try to do better and more accurate instruction, this is also love Shanghai talked about the user experience it? And love of the declaration of Shanghai always give a conclusion after all is a problem, let the webmaster have a psychological preparation, this experience had to make people feel Speechless.

A little behind


love Shanghai provides site index query tool, the results will be relatively accurate many of the tools query, the following is my blog recently rose 30 days of data collection. Read >

in this announcement mentioned love Shanghai site instruction is a problem, where the query results are not accurate, so advise you not to do a great deal of decline caused by panic and speculation on the site data, the syntax of the site value fell do not represent the true love in Shanghai is reflected in the lower. Coincidentally, in the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform data area also talked about the accuracy of the site instruction, which the data is just estimated value:

if you love the announcement of Shanghai Webmaster Platform recently, you can find love in Shanghai recently on the site command made an announcement, also provoked a notice we have discussed, the content of the announcement is mainly targeted at many sites are K, or a cause of shrink site has included large area of explain, see the screenshot below: