Shanghai dragon we tend to overlook the details

ignoredThe number of After

Shanghai dragon Er work the first thing is to check the overall situation of the site, the number of contrast of the chain, get an idea of the quantity you? How many Shanghai dragon Er will be included daily check of the chain released the day before? Will the net station analysis included the good. The post will be included, why not included? What differences exist and not included Posts included posts? How can I improve? These questions before you go to work? If we did not analyze problems in there, like a fly without head rattling is not going to have any improvement.

three, exchange chain is too focused on the weight of

link word

, a specific chain included

if you have a Shanghai Longfeng specialist, you ask what other employees is Shanghai dragon, I believe that 90% people would say, Shanghai dragon is post ah. If you open in the weekly meeting, the boss will say, Xiao Pang ah, recently the ranking of the site down, you have to send some stickers. Even as an old classmate asked is a company to do Shanghai Longfeng Chen, website is how you optimize? Hey, don’t mention it, every day so many outside the chain, ranking is still too horrible to look at. As Shanghai dragon er you, that if you encounter every day

if you have a PR of 3, the website weight is 1 time to exchange chain, I believe that part of the PR is 2, the weight is.

I said here is the Links link words, text each other website links to our website. How many people exchange Links just use a keyword? If Links link single word, it will cause the weight of the site keywords are uneven, site keywords ranking is very easy to enter the bottleneck.

analysis, we may find that, hey, this website is also good, I want to be in the site of multiple articles after. The original post advertisement I is too strong, so not included, before that I’ll post the article should take on. Only we fully analyze these data, knife grinding, when we cut it, more easily, only half.


may see the above paragraph, you will say, don’t look down on, just know this and what Shanghai dragon to the user experience as the center, can not rely on the chain to win as the old. Wrong, I always think of how to enhance the user experience is the need to consider the construction site that, when a site is standing in the user’s point of view to build, we only need to do the Shanghai dragon Er content and the chain, and then peer tug of war, which is more durable, which is the winner. But why do some website optimization for so long, the effect is not ideal, even there is no effect? The reason is very simple, it is that we ignore some of the details in the process of optimization, so the optimization effect is not obvious to us.

two, increase the diversity of