Shanghai dragon moz2013 search engine ranking algorithm analysis

The correlation between

1, the weights of the page ranked highest in all factors;

3, although the implementation of the noble baby penguin algorithm, the anchor text correlation are still the same;

The relationship between

4 for the first time, study the ranking correlation between and structural data use; ( is a series of words, by mark, website owners to make the search engine more easily understand the content of the web site.


page level: C-blocks, IPs, page weight, root domain, the chain link to the page, the site level relationship to the root domain, two level domain name domain name, domain name, weight to the root domain of the domain.




for each of the search results, extracting all hope of the analysis of the factors, and then through the data table to calculate the average correlation coefficient Spearman.

Every two years,

2, social performance, especially the noble baby + and Facebook share a very high correlation;

5, on the chain, domain name and keywords, accurate data collection more.

MOZ will do a ranking on the influence factors, to determine which factors for Google ranking of the most relevant. This survey includes two parts, one is the survey of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, a correlation study on lots of data.


in the description of the correlation, remember can not prove causality correlation. (correlation does not explain why this page in the first row, another ranked second; correlation tells us what factors are ranked in the front page, but not at the back of the page ranking; just because the top of the rankings in the page after page does not mean that this factor is not certain is applied to the ranking algorithm.

has a total of 120 people participated in the survey questionnaire. The questionnaire asked participants according to different factors ranked according to the important degree from 1 to 10 points, and then calculate the average score of all the questionnaire. The highest scoring average in 7-8 factors, and the lowest average factor at 4-6.

The correlation between

before the first in-depth study of specific data, share 5 key findings of the year:

calculation method and the correlation between 2011. First of all through the noble baby AdWords find a group of keywords (more than 14000), the number of keywords to cover the different industries, different search volume. Then from the noble baby search engine grabbed American top 50 natural ranking, all pages are ranked in 2 before the capture of the penguin (Liu Yueqian).