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do not Shanghai dragon can see immediate effect, cumulative often need time, whether it is the cumulative domain name, site size, number of users, user stickiness and stability need time. Shanghai dragon like Chinese medicine, western medicine is paid promotion, quick compared to western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine is more emphasis on the process and conditioning. The same site, Shanghai dragon many times are in years, or half units to see significant results in this long process, we need to constantly reinforcing website, can eventually be recognized by the search engine is still unknown. In addition, our technology is constantly in Shanghai dragon combat honed, such as the recent rain rankings are in front, everyone in the analysis and discussion, in fact, in this process we can put back in the growth, experience to use their own station. Therefore, whether we own or the site itself, need time to polish. If you are in a short time by using black hat or grey hat to bring up this topic, in addition, because this method will not last long. So last time, accounted for 20 points, if you do not have enough time to budget, must be ranked in the limited time to win, then you should not add their own points, otherwise 20.

first and everybody is talking about time and patience, but not equal. Some owners are also very clear website needs some time to have a good rankings and flow, but in the process, see other websites do succeed, or else master after seeing a paragraph seems to "see light suddenly, you seem to see their own future, so hurry to their website first of all, the cup said, you may have problems thinking Shanghai dragon. The Shanghai dragon thinking should focus on the content and user experience, is the overall development direction of the development of the website and strategic planning, and not all day staring at the limited traffic and some small details not essential to ponder to ponder. So good Shanghai dragon ER have a big heart, as long as they have no obvious strategy errors or operator error, then not every day how many queries of the chain rose, included a few articles, such as whether to update the snapshot. >


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of Shanghai Dragon technology, also Never mind too much and Shanghai, but still around thinking, we are very familiar with the Shanghai dragon venture. The development of Shanghai dragon so hot, thanks to its high price, but the Shanghai dragon also needs certain cost, today Mai Wenwen put the cost of the list to see whether we have these costs. In this article, I have calculated the perfect Shanghai dragon according to the score of 100 points, including five factors, each of the 20 points, passing score is 100, and whether we can afford to hurt. Ps: is due to my personal webmaster, so the article is mainly for personal site, excluding some enterprises or industries etc..

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