Site second day in Shanghai included a web page technique


left well below the recommended articles and the latest articles link, promote surfers. "

positioning and planning website, the website structure must meet the browsing rules, including crawling of search engine spiders (the default is from top to bottom, from left to right). The level of URL as most know third layer, reduce the spider crawling pressure, in order to better climb to all your pages, of course, this also needs sitemap map, and now love Shanghai Webmaster Platform also launched the sitemap submission, promote the love of Shanghai included in this URL. The specific steps as shown below (enterprise station for example)

has already reached the path above the deepest site. The content and layout of the page shown in figure

site second day in Shanghai included a web page specific skills can be divided into three steps:

I is such analysis: now we must love Shanghai included a web site, so the site must be original content (above 95%), we all know. But do not all people, some people do website program once, immediately put the product catalog, product content of all copy up, get copied technical articles, industry dynamics, buy domain name for the record on the line, in fact, this is the wrong way, has created a love in Shanghai for a long time are not included in the site because you are a copy of the consequences.

I have been accustomed to a daily habit of Shanghai dragon A5 submission, today to share with you an original absolutely effective method to achieve the line on the website second day Shanghai website home page.

: the structure of the site layout design should be rational

you should know this truth, if you love Shanghai fast included a new website, must be original content, some people may say this, they do not know, I know, but it is very difficult to do ah.

first of all, the author of this article is second days to achieve the purpose of title. But the line on the site before the preparatory work is not a day for two days, but not everyone think so basic, so simple. Why do you say


before a lot of Shanghai dragon has to include new There are plenty of people who love Shanghai, has not included the site for a headache, anxiety. In fact, some people begin to do is right, just do not have the patience, some people began to do wrong, and that in the end how to operate it, please listen to you carefully run Ming Shanghai dragon road.

When you


The first step of


, for some industries some webmaster, this is very difficult, but I tell you, master the method is very simple. This author will be dedicated to the original writing practice experience. Let’s go back to the original title.