One of the Shanghai Dragon patience attentive not greedy


Shanghai dragon make the color is very difficult, not easy to be successful, but it is not easy, is not Shanghai Dragon technology, but the mentality of

missed the "three hearts", want to make a stand, it is difficult to

a person of Shanghai dragon, is the fate of all grassroots webmaster

I do stand alone these years, Shanghai Dragon good attitude summed up three: patience and concentration, not greedy

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every successful webmaster set for his Shanghai dragon secrets, not everyone! However, Shanghai dragon is one of the most essential truth is "content is king, the chain for emperor"! This is also an old cliche, but it really is such a thing? "/p>

this time, you will lose patience? You will lose confidence in the

what is the patient? Shanghai dragon is a long way to go, a lot of things to optimize, the so-called unavoidably, if the operation team said, if a man does, will seem trivial, even without a clue! From the beginning of the site keywords positioning, structure optimization, to beautify the page to update, the chain construction every step, every day to do, if it is a community website, but also content management and user management. These things do not tired one day, ten days do not tired, but when you do one hundred days, you will find that the repeated mechanical movement of the line, with the industrial workers of the Yi? Especially personal feeling this is definitely fight a lone battle, a torture to collapse but things! At this time, the website optimization, may just be starting site in front of the engine may still be a what are not children, no rank, no traffic, no users, no MONEY

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should be able to endure loneliness! Because you are now doing, compared to 5 years after doing the same thing all can

Shanghai Longfeng a good state of mind: patience

if you choose to give up, so all effort past in vain! More importantly, you lose a chance!

a person stands, is a person’s CEO, who is also a Shanghai dragon

and fate means that you have to struggle and struggle for it, even if the pain even fall even sad frustrated

when you decide a person, make a stand, and want to make a stand, you will find that the search engine optimization of Shanghai Longfeng harsh placed in front of you in the legend, and you have no experience, so helpless, confused! Because of your station, will have to face thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers fighting, and now you are so weak! More importantly, the search engine is an indifferent machine, it is only according to the inherent laws, you can not influence it, not about it! You are incapable of action in front of it, as in front of God, only to wait, only, only look forward to

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