Website optimization execution way to win the

The chain

a lot of friends say why your website weight total do not, then I ask, if you do the law, quantitative increase to the chain. In fact, many aspects of the chain, the chain of the increase will affect the weight of the website. When I just started to contact the Shanghai dragon, know the importance of the chain unsuspectingly on a whim, to each big BBS to send the chain, hair soft, just a few days later, to give up slowly. This is undoubtedly the execution is not enough, many predecessors have said the chain to insist, then is to one day more than a day. If your execution is not enough, so the website optimization is very difficult up. I recommend just starting to make friends, can be a small increase in the chain every day, every day under a plan, proper training their executive ability, silently told myself to do it, so after the cumulative time, your execution will be greatly improved.

Shanghai Longfeng, simply means that the search engine optimization. Many people have heard the word Shanghai dragon, but how many people really understand Shanghai Longfeng it. I see such a talk in many forums, said the Shanghai dragon is not what technology, said Shanghai Longfeng operation is very simple. I can only say that Shanghai is the dragon and the threshold is low, but not without technical content. Probably more programming, may be easier to point. In spite of this, but how many people will do the most incisive Shanghai dragon? Actually I think it is important to do Shanghai dragon execution. Even if you just began, what all don’t understand, as long as you have a strong executive power, then you will be in the future Shanghai dragon master. Shanghai dragon in execution is related to many aspects, such as the content of the website, the website chain, website promotion and so on. The author elaborate on these aspects.

three, the promotion of the website

two site

website promotion this topic is really very wide. In many ways, we say the hair of the chain are included in the website promotion content. But not all the chain is website promotion. Website promotion there is a variety of ways, such as video, pictures etc.. Here >

many friends wonder how the content of the website related to the executive power? In fact, we often need to update the content of the website, but I believe that many webmaster and not the work done enough. In fact, Shanghai dragon is about to update the site a quantitative timing of the content, the emphasis is on a regular operation. This requires execution, many novice may update a few days earlier, would make a day to update the number of articles, can not really implement up to. The blog is generally a day to update a original article, because of the time if you are busy, you can update a pseudo original, this is also a lot of online tools, I want to spend much time. If long-term persist in this way I believe your site weight will go up, but also by love love Shanghai.

, the content of the website