The website construction of the chain strategy heavy weight

chain is the need for a long term accumulation, do not give up halfway to unremittingly. Choose the correct method of study, better resources, diligent efforts to do so there is definitely effect.

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search engine optimization is divided into inside and outside the station optimization in two aspects. The station optimization is internal website optimization, website optimization mainly includes title, keywords, description, code, content and URL. The station optimization is an external web site optimization, is simply the chain construction. The chain construction is a long-term process, the owners need is patience, carefulness and confidence, the so-called "three hearts". Screening the chain resources carefully, construction process of the chain of the chain to be patient, their effect is to have confidence.

search engine, a lot of people say that outside the chain of influence is more and more small, the declining importance. Actually, that is not the case. The chain of the website ranking effect is so large, it is how you made the construction of the chain. The chain spell is not quantity but quality, I believe that many owners also know this truth. A chain of high quality is better than ten low quality chain. At the same time to ensure the chain platform high weight should also ensure the link loss rate not high.

high quality chain, quality is the information platform you release the chain good (part of the platform should pay attention to the correlation, and the chain) can be included after the love of Shanghai, has not been deleted. If you feel difficult, you can find some weight less than their own, included good information platform. If the high quality do not, we can settle for second, do not give up the construction of the chain, it will affect the website optimization. Many people know that the weight of the site is greater than the home page, one-way links than two-way link. But most people will have to do the chain there is a misunderstanding, is the chain of all points to the website. This will make the chain uneven distribution, is extremely unfavorable to the spiders crawl.

now send the chain information platform mainly include: the classification of information platform, inquiry platform, yellow pages website, SNS platform, blog platform, consulting station, forum platform etc.. There are more popular micro-blog and WeChat, if operating properly, it will undoubtedly bring more potential customers for the enterprise. The choice of platform, home to clear their site type, weight and other information, according to these as a standard to choose the right website resources. For example, you are not likely to clothing website, mobile phone forum to post, but no such effect, but also a waste of time. In addition, a large platform of comprehensive operation can register multiple accounts. The best choice of major, included high, traffic information platform, so that the quality of the chain will be high.