Sogou search mobile client first WeChat released 3 headlines

local life, is based on the geographic location of the user as a starting point, covering film, group purchase, delivery, and other consumer scene delicacy, can meet the user’s demand and local life service based on near.

bar code price, can realize the query product information by scanning the barcode, and support real-time parity, integrated commodity encyclopedic information, open online and offline shopping scene.

is an extension of the headlines, after Sogou WeChat search platform to the public, through the support of WeChat account login, user interest patterns and improve the classification recognition and automatic identification tag technology, attention to user behavior feedback at the same time, through the integration of WeChat big data analysis, WeChat provides the contents of the public number for the user, to meet user personalized reading experience.


Bianews reported today released Sogou search mobile client version 3, the main "local life", "bar code price" and "WeChat’s three core functions.

Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said that WeChat’s headlines line means more deepening Sogou cooperation with the Tencent, Tencent and WeChat and Sogou natural complementary gene based support, into the unique content for Sogou search, Sogou is the layout of automatic search further differences.