Research on the search engine optimization strategy of enterprise website

site index data: the PR value, Alexa website ranking, website snapshot data view the site through the query tool, because the PR value of the site, rankings, the snapshot index will to a certain extent affect the site’s ranking, only to understand the information of competitors, to develop appropriate coping strategies.

2, website history: see the whois domain name information, understand the opponent website domain name age, record, all the information and so on, sometimes we can see that the market scope of the enterprise through these information, ready to better compete with.

site outside the chain: through the relevant query tool anti chain website, analysis of the number of links, quality and layout. In competitor analysis of the chain at the same time, can also help us find out the chain release channels, find rival external chain website, and as far as possible for oneself to use, this is a very good resource.

The analysis of

, the general need to include:

Analysis for competitor’s website

analysis and Research on the competition website link strategy and content layout, help to find out the competition website of strong and weak links, not only can see the gap between the two sides, to find a breakthrough beyond the competitors, to avoid weaknesses in the optimization of their website, beyond the competitors. This is the "enemy", so the competition analysis is very important.

, a competitor analysis

1, website keywords: analysis of the website keywords: analysis of the web site keywords, target keywords and long tail word brand and so on, as well as the keywords in the station layout strategy is to understand what competitors do. In addition to the analysis of the site keywords, and keyword density analysis to some important page, this can have a certain understanding on their website to artificially control about keyword density to do better than competitors, but not too high.

5, 3,

4, the website included: view the site included in the major search engines, especially Google, love Shanghai, YAHOO three major search engine. For the website, search engine included web pages for most of the inside pages of the site, because the home page and column page after all only occupy small part of the total web pages, so the query indexed web pages, can know recognition search engine on the station, but also probably know the station optimization the above situation of search engine friendly in website. In addition, to be included by viewing the web page (more content page) from the content, editing, analysis of the station optimization, content quality etc..

6, website: website structure analysis of the website (whether using the tree structure), internal links layout, directory structure, navigation structure, site map, column page settings. Reasonable site node >

The analysis of