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now all walks of life so to get a website beyond count, the site began to do the promotion, we must first analyze the basic situation of the website, including the degree of competition, what are the competitors, and the strength of competitors to.

2, the content of the web siteWhen the


3, every day to ensure the chain number fixed increase

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1, analysis of the website

site internal optimization, the next step is to promote network editing work, add content to the web site. You may have heard of "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence. The content of the website to add this is the key that we can not be ignored. The content of the website is not we just copy and paste, who will do this kind of work. We have to do is our own articles, not original, pseudo original, original content will quickly be included in search engines, content updates will ensure your website and to keep update snapshot. In addition, but also to the website and content at the same time don’t forget to bring the anchor text, do web site chain optimization in order to better.

site title, description is done in place, whether there is a picture Alt tag, keyword density is not enough, the layout of the site is in line with the user experience and so on, these are all we need to check one by one. In addition, including a snapshot of the site included are needed every day to check the record.

for a novice, just started doing it, network promotion to a website can not start, before I was like. So, now I come to talk about my personal contact network promotion for the novice just needs to be done, is purely personal point of view, perhaps not very comprehensive, welcome to the master under the guidance of

chain directly affect the weights of the website, the website weight high, it means that in relation to the search engine is more authoritative. Or that sentence "content is king, the chain for emperor", now there are many kinds of hair of the chain, but we should grasp. The chain number the better not say. When we send the chain, we should grasp the "timing, quantitative" outside the chain of high quality.

Hello, my little mo (Mo Ruo), I wrote two articles, "Mo Ruo on the new Shanghai Dragon Road:" and "Mo Ruo bottleneck limit: two months how to do website love Shanghai home top three", very grateful to the support of friends. Today I want to discuss is for the novice, for just contact network promotion, just started to do what