The four problem worth your attention in the construction of the enterprise site

I found a lot of enterprise site also appeared Table abuse problems. First, why these sites love with Table, instead of div+css? Table: first when editing is relatively simple, can be directly in the DW which can be directly edited simple. Second, have a web site should be clear, the compatibility of Table browser will be better than div+css, some people in order to save debugging time directly using Table. I just find a business site, we take a look at the code, as shown below:

: a Flash site whether the abuse of

in the above we can be found using the basic Table, and for the optimization, the use of Table will be search engine friendly, is not conducive to search engine crawling, the simultaneous use of Table will reduce the site loading speed.

, the use of Flash navigation. Do the optimization of the people clearly understand the importance of navigation, navigation, guidance is to transfer the weight of key areas search engine crawl. The Flash placed here will lead to site optimization problems. Met this site, I think we should communicate with enterprises, let them into the DIV+CSS navigation as far as possible.

three, is optimized

for sex in Shanghai search engine promotion optimization counterparts, the author wants to contact most of the site is the enterprise site. At present, many enterprises have not established online marketing consciousness, but many companies do not want to lose at the starting line, for the enterprise to pay per click or costs too much money, so many companies will choose to do Shanghai dragon. Is generally believed that the optimization of the enterprise site will be relatively simple, you only need to put the enterprise several keywords optimization up main can. The author thinks otherwise, enterprises need to pay attention to the site for more details, especially the details of the station. Then the author will share a few simple we need to pay attention in the construction site of the problem.

two: whether or not to abuse Table


the author observed many enterprise site, enterprise site there is a common phenomenon, that is a lot of excessive use of flash. The reason is very simple, many companies want to attract visitors, and the pursuit of beauty, a lot of enterprise site in building site just thinking about how to better display their products, while ignoring the Flash whether the abuse of this problem, in addition to the site’s people may not pay attention to the site of the Shanghai dragon, just blindly in order to achieve the aesthetic demands of business owners. This will cause the enterprise site Flash abuse. As shown below. As shown in


A big mistake in the optimization of